What games should I play on my 13th birthday party?!

Question: What games should I play on my 13th birthday party!?
Its this saterday!. so far i have -truth or dare
-would u rather
-makeup game (everyone picks a partner, one closes their eyes and the other gives them a make over, winner gets a prize, then they switch)

plz nothing like SCAVENGER HUNT i want something not stupid, cool!. there are gona be about 21 girls (girls only)
I have no pool, so something i can play at home!. thnx (maybe a contest!?, idk) HELP!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Apples to Apples is an amazing board game!. If you don't want to go out to buy it, here's the jist!.!.!. you could easily make it!.

You have a pile of nouns and a pile of adjectives!. You pass everyone 7 or 10 noun cards!.!.!. don't remember!. It doesn't matter anyway!. Well, you play in turns!. When it's your turn, you flip over an adjective from the adjective pile!. Everyone picks a noun out of their hand that sounds good with the adjective and places it face down by the person whose turn it is, and then draws a new noun from the noun pile!.[Example: The adjective is Touchy-Feely!. My friends find it funny to put down "Hellan Keller" as the matching noun if it's in their hand]!. The person whose turn it is picks up all the nouns, reads them out loud, and picks the best one to match the adjective!. The person who placed down the noun picked gets to keep the adjective!. The first people to have 5, 10 (whatever number you want to play to) wins!. It's a funny game!.

also, I don't care how old you are, musical chairs is fun!

Play the "I have never" game!. Everyone holds up five fingers!. You go around the circle!. The first person says "I have never!.!.!. eaten fish!." (You HAVE to say something you actually have never done!.!.!. no lying!.!.!. it's less fun if you lie!.) Everyone else puts down a finger if they have eaten fish!. Keep going round the circle!. Once you loose all five fingers, you're out!. When it gets down to a few people we like to do cheap shots like "I have never had brown hair" if the others have brown hair!. It's a silly, fun game!. Started as a drinking game, but it's something easy and fun we used to do on the bus when we had school trips!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

"Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board"- The basic premise of this game is to have one person lie on the floor while everyone else sits on their knees around her with both hands slightly under her!. There is one "storyteller" who sits by her head, and tells a made-up story about her (the person on the floor's) life, and her "untimely demise"!. At the end of the story, everyone chants, "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" repeatedly as they lift her off of the ground!. The idea is to have everyone believing that "spirits" are helping to lift her off the ground (in reality, she is probably being lifted because of all the people helping to lift her)!. Take turns, and tell a story about everyone! http://www!.party411!.com/gamegirl03!.html

manuhunt: Establish two seperate teams with an equal number of players!. Have one team be "it" and have the other team hide!. The team that is "it" must find and capture all the members of the hiding team and secure them in one place so that they are all in the same place!. When the game is over, teams switch sides!. This game is more fun played with boys and girls!. http://www!.partygamecentral!.com/pgcstand!.!.!.

baby if you love me: Everyone sits in a circle!. Placement doesn't matter!. A player is chosen to go first!. The player goes to another player in the circle that they think will laugh easily!. Then they sit on their lap and say "Baby if you love me, won't you please smile!?" They can play with that player's hair or whisper in their ear or act loving or anything that will get them to laugh!. It all depends on the type of party and the ages of the players!. If it is in a youth group or with kids or with teens that have adults around you may have to set rules on what type of touching, etc!. is allowed!. If it is with adults, couples, singles, or teens it all depends on what they
decide!. You may say anything goes or you may say that no touching another player is allowed!.

After the person says "Baby if you love me won't you please smile!?" the player being sat on must say "Baby I love ya but I just can't smile" without laughing or even cracking a smile!. If they don't smile and say the phrase without a hitch, the person on their lap moves on to try and get somebody else!. If the person being sat on does laugh it's their turn to be the person in the middle!.



Hope you find a couple of good ideas!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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