Club rave themed party?!

Question: Club rave themed party!?
What food & drink!?
What style clothes!?
What music!?
What decorations!?
What Invites!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Keep things simple!. No one expects dinner or appetizers at a rave, so don't worry about creating a huge menu!. Offer just a few items that are easy to make and serve!.
Base your food menu on fresh fruit!. Whether served as a basic fruit cup or made into a smoothie, fruit provides natural sugar, creating energy!. Easy to eat fruits like strawberries and grapes are perfect for a rave!. Help keep the party frivolous by providing candy for people at the party!. Lollipops and hard candy are popular at raves!. also, try having differnt bowls of punch located throughout the party!.

Skip anything that needs to be cooked!. Hot food is the last thing anybody wants to eat at a dance party!. Not to mention, you will save money by not having to hire servers and cooks!.

The one thing you should never really stress about during a rave is your outfit!. Really, anything goes at a rave--your best party clothes, t-shirt and jeans or a crazy costume all work just fine!.
Wear something fun and crazy!. At a rave, you really can get away with wearing just about anything!. This is your chance to wear the crazy shoes or that funky dress you found at the thrift store!.

Look for techno music with some bump!. it needs to have a rhythmic bass and have a climax with time to rest in it too!. Raves are exhausting and a break is needed in the songs!. Try to avoid songs with too many lyrics!. The focus of the music should be the music, itself!. Organize your music in a playlist that flows well from song to song!.
Good music to add to your playlist includes music from Royal Gigolos, Voodoo and Serano, Vinylshakerz, and Benny Benassi!.

Add as many effects as your budget will allow!. Lasers, fog machines, strobe lights, black lights, and of course, glowsticks are a must!. Double points if you can synchronize the effects to the music
To really impress the crowd, tie a string to two individual glowsticks and learn the fine art of twirling!. It's an impressive display that requires many hours of practice!.

try to find invitations all black or with neon colors


food and drink -cocktails
style clothes-what would you go to a club in
music- r & b ,chart music,pop,hip hop,dance music
decorations-lighting,disco ball
invites- disco invitesWww@FoodAQ@Com

loads of warm lager in plastic cups
disco/strobe lights
dance anthems/clubland/dave pearce etc
vest top and jeans/school girl
glow stick bangles
uv topsWww@FoodAQ@Com

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