Help, i need ideas for this party?!

Question: Help, i need ideas for this party!?
I am having a Toga Party and need any helpful hints on food, decoration, drinks, games, costumes etc!.!.!. Please i need the info fast, if you have ever hosted one or have been to one or know stuff i need an answerWww@FoodAQ@Com

Hahaha!. In grade 6 we had a toga party!.!.I believe we were studying geece or something at the time!.!.everyone was assigned something to bring I dont remember the foods or drink that were there!. But I would be happy to look it up for a while for you!. I have a lot of free time :)

I found a simple explanation on how to make a toga from a sheet or big piece of fabric thought it might come in handy for you or some of your toga challenged guests!

The design is simple:

The toga cloth is basically long and narrow
(Which is why sheets don't work well)
Pin one end of it to your waist
Wrap it around you at least once
Should hang to about the knees
Pin it at the waist again, on the right or left side
Throw the rest over one shoulder
Around the back
Pin it at the waist again
Wear gym shorts underneath, or whatever you want
Sandals, if possible

This is the site it was from: http://www!.howtomakeatoga!.info/

Greeks ate a lot of fruits and veggies!. I dont know how close youre following the whole toga theme but I would suggest and fruit and veggies tray and a cheese platter or tray!. And grapes come to mind when I think of greek!. I dont know why!. Greek salad would be an obvious choice as well!. also plants for decor!. I would say go to a local dollar store and buy some fake fruit and plants with some color combos that work together maybe some oranges and yellows and browns!.

This site is a quick read for some simple yet obvious ideas!.

-Fake or real plants/fruits (ivy vine garland would work wonders for this theme party)
-Golds and whites!.!.Maybe hand up some white curtains or drape them around and add some gold tassles or something!.!.Maybe find some cheap gold cups and such from a dollar store
-Grapes vines
-oil burning lamps or lanterns!.!.probably could find some cheap camping ones from them dollar store and get some cheap gold spray paint or acrylic and go nuts!
-I dont know what the age group but a giant bowl with some gold colored stones at the bottom and some fake grapes floating in paired with some plaint white or gold floating tealights would look beautiful you could wrap some of the ivy garland around the bottom of the bowl and drape some grapes beside it on a table with the food!.
- If you have the time and know who is all coming and its not a massive amount of guests expected maybe you could write their names in a gold sharpy on their cups in greek for a cute/quirky feel!. Heres a site for writing greek if it doesnt work you could google(http://www!.wandel!.person!.dk/greek!.html)
-set up a nice table with a large draped flowy table cloth!.!.if it was a cheap one or old you could paint some greek numerals on it with gold if youre not a great painter you could grab up some 'classy' looking stamps from the dollar store and use the gold paint to stamp on the table or add some tassles or even just some gold confetti if youre not able to ruin a table cloth :P Set up your veggie,fruit and cheese trays along with a punch bowl and some fake grapes sprinkled around the table with some candles!. This will be a definite eye catcher!. Everyone would be drawn to the table!. You could put the cups with the names on it here and tie a plastic knife, fork and spoon together with some gold ribbon!
-If you have a fabric land or any fabric stores close to your place you could check their clearance section for white fabric for the table cloth or draping around the party area or some deep red which would also look beautiful for drpaing over furniture and stuff to give it more of a greek feel!.

I think thats good for decorations!. You could googles for more I will add some good links in the source box when im finished for you!.


-For food I would suggest buying some fruit and veggies or using what you have at home!. If you buy the premade platters from your local grocery store I think it would look classy on a big platter!. at my dollar stores they have tons of cheap ones!.!.if you find a boring one dress it up with some gold paint or fake leaves or grapes or little gems or something!. Have a peek at the craft aisle in your dollar store!.
-Have a big cheese platter in a variety of colors mix it up!. Sprinkle grapes on top of the cheese for a pretty look!
-Have some nuts on a platter!.!.nuts are always good for a party!.!.get some different kinds in there!.
-Get some different kinds of breads!.!.grab some small loaves of different kinds from the grocery store to try!.!.!.cut it into slices and serve with a funky looking cheeseball or some butter!.
-if you want to fancy it up get a bunch of tooth picks from the $$ store ( I LOVE dollar stores if you cant tell by now hehe) And stick your cheese on tooth picks maybe some different fruit on tooth picks!. ( cut up apples, pears, grapes,figs) Or take it a step further and put some fruit and cheese mixed on skewers for some gorgeous colorful kabobs then line them up all pretty on a platter!

ps: you can always make a pretty whipped fruit dip to put in the middle of the platter!.!.I cna google a recipe if you want!.

- different kinds of wine if its a mature type of crowd
-I would make a fruit punch in a HUGE bowl with some pretty ice cubes!.!.you could find little gems from the dollar store and freeze them in the ice cubes or even try freezing bits of fruit inside that will go with the flavor of your punch!. You can make this with alcohol or without!. Add chunks of fruit to it for a colorful drink! (You can even add some real edible flowers on top to float around in it for a more delicate look!.)
Here is an easy fruit punch recipe!. You can substitute gingerale for sprite!. I would!
36 ounces frozen orange juice
36 ounces frozen lemon juice
2 cans pineapple juice
2 quarts cranberry juice cocktail
3 qts ginger ale

Mix all the ingredients together except ginger ale; add ginger ale just before serving!. Place ice block in punch bowl; pour punch over ice block just before serving!.

-Music!.!.for a more mature feel go for a soft harp type music!.!.for kids!.!.top 40s or even the radio haha!. Could burn a cd with son or daughters fave tunes on it for the party!.
-Have a costume competiton!. include awards like "best costume", "most authentic", "best accessories", "most likely to become a Roman goddess", etc!.!. (you can make some trophies easily for this aswell to give them!. At my dollar store we have tons of different kinds of plastic cups!.!.paint them gold and write the award title on it with sharpy!.!.add some ribbon or garland or something around it!.
-Trivia game with some greek mythology!.
-Bob for olives!
-Hang a curtain and decorate it for people to take pictures infront of!. Use a digi cam for the picctures and then print them off and send them to your guests after the party so they have something to remember it by :)
-buy some glow in the dark bracelets, necklaces etc to have fun with!.
-Wet toga contests! Adults only! haha

I hope you have an awesome party!. If I miss a link or anything in the source box gimme a shout I'll be happy to find it again or look up more stuff for you! Planning parties gets me so excited!! I hope yours turns out awesome! Enjoy!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I think you come to a Restaurant and talk about it!. They will hepl you!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

google it so much stuffWww@FoodAQ@Com

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