Sweet sixteen ideas...?!

Question: Sweet sixteen ideas!.!.!.!?
ok so i know that i am going ot do an all white clothing sweet sixteen and i know what im gonna do (dinner and hopefully a dance) its just that i need some ideas for like party favors see im going to give each guest a number when they walk into the door and towards the middle of the night i am going to have gifts for each number that i call out for exp!. if i had one item and it was for #2 then that person would get it but if i had a different item and it went to #8 then they would get that !.!.!.ok hers my problem what kind of gifts should i get for them like they need to be cheap but appreciated!.!.!.!.and ive had a lot of people say itunes gift card but not everyone has an ipodand so yeah i need ideas pleaseWww@FoodAQ@Com

I play this really fun prize game at my 80s parties every year- I have each guest bring one wrapped gift no more than $5 (you don't have to have your guests bring a gift, I do just so some people can get more than one prize) and then I supply one prize for everyone attending and put them in a big pile- I find stuff on clearance that's all $5 or less (gift cards, makeup, nail stuff, clothes, candles, games, movies, whatever! just make sure it is something you would like to receive as a gift)!. then we all get in a circle and take turns rolling one dice- 1st person to get #1 gets to pick a prize and open it, next person to get #2 can now either take a new prize or steal from the other people!. it just keeps going until all the prizes are gone and everyone has at least one prize!. it can take a little while to play especially if there are a lot of guests but it is SUPER FUN! it gets really good when everyone is stealing back and forth for that one really cool prize! if you're playing it where everyone only gets one prize- when they steal if they all ready have a prize they will just exchange their current prize for the other one!. at the end once everyone has all the prizes I set a timer for a few more minutes of stealing! I hope I explained that good for you- try it, it's so fun!Www@FoodAQ@Com

If not an iTunes gift card, maybe another type of gift card!.
Another option is that you have your own party glasses (like water/tea goblets) imprinted as a reminder of your party!.
A picture frame would be cute as well!. A favorite of mine is notecards, everyone loves sending and getting mail!. If your friends are into monograms, get them each a monogram sticker for their car!. Posters, necklaces/bracelets, or a vera bradley zip id case for their keys would be nice too!.

Good luck!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Find a packaged deal of tickets to an amusement park(six flags) and who ever wins gets the ticket to go with you at a later date!. Cheap, fun, and it will allow you to do something else this summer and you wont have the trouble of picking between friends because anyone can win!. Just dont invite a bunch of people you dont really like to the party just to make it look big because that could backfire on you!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Movie theatre, Netflix, restaurant, hair/nail salons and especially gas gift cards would also be good!. Mini tote filled with travel sized stuff!. It's selfless, so it depends on your friends, but you could buy cheap little toys or books your guests could sign and donate to children's hospital, home, etc!. The same goes with books, crosswords, puzzles for nursing homes!. Some fake bling for the guys!. Flip flop and sandals in one of those plastic beach totes!. Or a nice beach towel rolled with a bow!. Pedicure/manicure stuff in a box!. Tshirts with funny sayings!. Mini boxes of chocolates or candy!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

maybe movie gift cards because everyone loves the movies!. maybe since it is summer the girls could get cute flip flops and a nailpolish!. maybe get something funny for each person that shows how well you know your friends!. !.!.!. i just had me sweet 16 so i hope you enjoy yours =)Www@FoodAQ@Com

Get a variety of gift cards for the restaurants around your school!.!.so they can get a free meal $5-10$

-Nike bands (men) and hair bands (female)
-I know a good majority have cell phones!.!.so trinkets for the cell phones (sports, girly)
-cheap disposable cameras!.!.!.so all can remember event!

So!.!.!.yea!.!.can't think of anything else!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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