I want to have a party at a park with a few friends. But I need help to figure out what to do.?!

Question: I want to have a party at a park with a few friends!. But I need help to figure out what to do!.!?
Okay so I am truning thirteen on the 29th and I want to have my party at the park!. Well since I know where I want it I just need to figure out what to do!. I want to invite a couple of friends!. But I only want one to spend the night!. But I just need to know if you can help me with a little things to do at the park with my friends!.!. So I would appreciate help!.!.!.

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hmm party at the park!.!.!.

i suggest having a bbq a few sport activites such as volleyball, tag, relay races, water balloon fights, etc!. and as far as having a friend stay over just work your magic on him/her


First, have some chips, dips, etc!.

Bring some frisbees, volleyballs, etc!. What is available at your park already!?

Set up some fun relay games and races for the party too!. Having big open areas would make doing those lots of fun!.

Since the Olympics are coming up!.!.!.you could do an Olympics theme party at the park, and do races, etc!. related to that! Favors could be medals or something Olympic themed!. See below for more ideas!.!.!.

Good luck!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I am totally doing the same thing, kinda, for my 18th!. I'm having a family one at a national park though!.

Well, badminton is awesome!. You could go for a hike somewhere!.

I reckon the best idea is to stalk the ice-cream van if the park has one!. At the park where I'm going, there is one!. Do they do that wherever you are, they do in Australia!.

Anyway, off topic there, I recommend lots of picnic food (ie sandwiches) and easy sports to play like lawn bowls (extreme!) or totem tennis!.

Have fun!! Happy birthday too!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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