My Graduation party!!!! need help?!

Question: My Graduation party!!!! need help!?
so I'm basicly planing my party on my own!. I'm thinking about having it this satday coming up I know it's suppose to be 86 with no rain so I figured this would be a good day to have it!. For my meal I'm thinking about BBQing hambugers,hotdogs,sasuage,greenbeans,a seafood salad,and baked beans!. but I thought It may be to hot for all of this food plus I have to help cook it!. and I was going to have a kids pool outside so the kids would have something to do!. and it was going to start at 4 til 7pm!.
can u tell me if this is to much and what kind of food should I have there!. or what aim I doing wrong here!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I would drop the seafood salad!. It will be challenging to keep it fresh at an outdoor party!.

For green beans, are you planning southern style beans, where they are cooked until soft and served in the cooking juices!? If so, make them ahead of time!. Up to 2-3 days!. Then reheat to serve!. If you have a crock pot, that would be an easy way to serve them and keep them warm!.

I think your plans for burgers, dogs and sausage is perfect!. Adding potato or macaroni salad would really fill out the menu!. Have some potato chips on hand too!.

Have fun!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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