I need to through the BEST slumber party in the history of slumber parties?!

Question: I need to through the BEST slumber party in the history of slumber parties!?
Ok!.!.so i am on a $50!.00 budget and i need to throw the best slumber party for a competition!. and i need a cheap website to order stuff from and a list of stuff i should get at my local stores (i will edit your opinions!.) i also need to like get a list of foods i should serve at my party!. and the stuff i want to do at my party i also need ur guys opinion on plzzz!
going swimming in my backyard
renting a limo to take pick us up
watching a movie(s)
playing my nintendo wii
as u can see i am not a good party planner!!! so PLLEAASEE help!?!?
thx! ???byeWww@FoodAQ@Com

For the pool, set up some lounge chairs and waterproof cushions so when you're not swimming it becomes the lounge area for you and your friends!.

Get some inflatable beach balls at the dollar store and scatter the in the pool, people will use them!

Get an inflatable boat and fill it with ice and the bottled drinks and float it in the pool! Water, soda, juice, etc!. Here's the thing though, make sure everyone knows NOT to put the caps in the pool they WILL break the filter! Tell them to put them back in the boat or waaayyy off to the side of the pool!. The boat will look cool floating in the pool holding the drinks and it will have the drinks there when everyone wants them!

You can set up a volleyball net (dollar store) and play volleyball and badmitten!.

Get an inflatable kiddie pool (dollar store) and fill it with water and break into 2 teams and have a tug of war, the losing team ends up in the pool!

You can have relay races like potato sack races (use pillowcases), three legged races, etc)

Have a pie eating contest, but instead of pie fill the pie tins with whipped cream and whoever finishes first, wins!

Set up an ice cream bar! Get chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream and some toppings!. Sprinkles, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and marachino cherries and let everyone make their own sundaes!. You can get the waffle cone bowls in the grocery store!.

When you go and rent the movies, go to Blockbuster and get those cardboard popcorn buckets and get one for each guest this way at movie time, everyone gets their own bucket of popcorn!. You can also get the big boxes of movie candy and pass it around to share!.

For food, just have your favorites, if it's pizza do that, if it's bbq, do hamburgers and hot dogs with toppings, if it's tacos do a taco bar with all the toppings!.

Make sure to have tons of snacks and drinks!. Lemonade and iced team!. To make pink lemonade just add grenadine to regular lemonade!. You can also get chips and things!.

For things you can order go to orientaltrading!.com, they have tons of things you can order very very inexpensively, your money goes VERY far there!

Do the foods that are your favorites, chances are they're your friends favorites too and at a party, everyone likes to have their favorite foods, I would do what you and your friends love to eat and stick with that and snack foods!. Plenty of snacks!

I hope these help and that you and your friends have a great time at your party!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Can you afford a limo on a 50 dollar budget!? After all that funness, do a movie night!. Rent a bunch of movies, like all chick flicks, all horror, or all comedy!. Make the invitations to the party ticket stubs with the time and date!. Serve movie snacks like pop corn, candy, pretzels, and nachos!. Make your own cherry coke by adding grenadine to regular coke!. Thrown in some cherries and serve!

also you could have your friends dress like their favorite movie character and you all could try to guess who they are!. Best costume gets to pick the first movie!Www@FoodAQ@Com

It sounds like you have a pool!. Use that to your advantage!. You could have a beach theme!. Put little umbrellas in everyone's drinks, tye dye your own beach towels (just buy cheap plain white ones and dye in a couple of your favorite colors), give everyone a lei to wear when they arrive, serve lots of tropical fruit and jump in the pool!. A great website to buy party things cheap is www!.orientaltrading!.com!. If you don't like the beach theme, you can get plenty of ideas from their catalog of items online!. Good luck and have fun!Www@FoodAQ@Com

don do movies becuse they make u tired and u dont wan 2 go 2 sleep t a sleepover trust mme im 14 and i kno how 2 do this lol!. if u have marshmellows have a fight with them!. listen 2 muci, call boys and pretend 2 b eachothr on the phone with thm, eat lots of junk and u guys will b happy

list of food: whiped cream(2 spray in ur mouths), marshmellows (2 fight with lol), chips, sodas, rice crispiesWww@FoodAQ@Com

No movies!. For your own good!. NEVER be the first one to fall asleep at a party!. Im saying this from experience!. And a limo on a $50 budget!? I dont think so!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

if you're on a $50 budget, you won't be able to afford a limoWww@FoodAQ@Com

Sorry Kiddo!.!.!.on $50 bucks you'll be lucky to feed them, lol!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I don't really think that you need to order a bunch of party supplies!. They really are a waste of money and no one really cares what kind of plate they ate from !.

Have your guests arrive later in the evening, like 6:00 p!.m!. so there's not so much time you have to plan!. Plan on swimming immediately till about 9:00 p!.m!. or so, then go with the rest of the activities!.

I think swimming in the backyard is a good idea!. If you have some tiki torches, light those up at dusk, and do some "midnight" swimming!. If you have a fire pit, build a fire and just hang out outside by the pool!. Have some chocolate bars, marshmallows, graham crackers to make some smores!. Take the blender outside and some crushed ice and make some sno cones to eat by the pool--put them in those fancy plastic champagne glasses you can get at any $1 store!.

After swimming, everyone can come inside and shower and put on their pajamas!. Have plenty of nail polish for manicures!. Watch some movies!. Have plenty of junk food ----Chips, cheese dip, salsa, popcorn, jelly beans, M & M's, cheese its, soda, etc!. Have ice cream and toppings to make your own sundaes (brownies, chocolate chip cookies, nuts, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, strawberries, blueberries, etc!.)!.

I don't think you can afford a limo, it will cost way more than $50 and you won't have $ for anything else!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I think you are doing a great job!.

Go swimming, have lots of beach balls, dive rings, etc!. for people to play with in the water!. Do this from 6 to 8 or so!.

Afterwards, you'll be hungry, so have pizza! Fills you up and oh so good!

Then everyone gets comfortable!. You can put in a couple of movies!. Have some craft stuff for everyone to do, that doesn't require any supervision and is something that can be done while watching the movie!.

What movies!? pick your favorites!.!.!.high school musical, camp rock, hairspray, nancy drew, etc!.

You can have some nail polish, etc!. out during that too!. And lots of snacks - popcorn, cookies, etc!.

Afterwards, those who want to can play twister, truth or dare, etc!. and then as you get tired go on to sleep!.

You'll have a great time, and so will your friends!.

After breakfast the next morning your friends can go for another dip in the pool before they leave!.

Good luck!


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