How to have the BEST bonfire party ever!?!

Question: How to have the BEST bonfire party ever!!?
I'm hosting a bonfire, so I'd like to know:

Things that I'll DEFINITELY need

What kind of food to provide

What Music to play

Anything that you'd want to have or see if you went to a bonfire party!

(these are kids around age 14)Www@FoodAQ@Com

bonfires are fun all by themselves!. any food you or music you have will be awesome!. get some speakers and have them hook in their i-pods (i'm sure one of them has one!) As for food set up a buffet of foods they can cook over the fire, s'mores with bananas, peanut butter, and different types of chocolates, graham crackers, and cookies, hot dogs, or hamburgers!. Have chips, salsa, trail mix, and something hot to drink in case it gets too cold! Don't worry-they will have a good time no matter what!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I think that with a bonfire cheeseburgers/hamburgers/hot dogs/shishcabobs/ and maybe some barbeque chicken and baked potatoes!! would be nice for foods on the grill!! I also thing there should be frutis such as a watermelon, grapes, cherries, nectarines,peaches, blueberries and blackberries and of course pineapple!! Cut the watermellon in the center and make a fruit salad out of the all fruits and put it in the watermelon as the bowl!.!.!.!. Smores maybe some jiffy pop!.!. Any kind of snacky foods is nice!! Put some lights up in the back, and maybe get butckets and put them at the tables in the center and fill them up with cans of pop!.!.!. Hope this helps!!

GOod Luck!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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