Teen Birthday Ideas?!

Question: Teen Birthday Ideas!?
okayy , soo here are some facts -

Im turning 13

I might have some girls sleepover after the party

The limit of girls sleeping over is 10 plus me

boys and girls will be at the party before the sleepover

the limit of people at the party is 20 - 35

Its in March so its going to be pretty cold to do anything outside

theres not enough room in my house for the party so we have to go out some where

I need some ideas for the sleepover too , not just the party

ans thats pretty much it , remeber im going to be a teenager so its a pretty big deal for me , so it has to be the best birthday party ever , and thankss to everyone who can help !.Www@FoodAQ@Com

well you could always just have a fun home party, (maybe have everyone bring a food item!?) or buy pizzas and another fun idea is using a large bowl, put a bottle of juice and a bottle of pop together and float some pineapple rings or other fresh fruits in it to make a lovely punch! Maybe put some pretty colorful lights around the bowl to make it light up!. Make cute little foods to set on a table such as Triscuit crackers with a slice of pepper jack cheese and a tomato slice on top (always a favorite!)!. You can even set out a bunch or tortillas for your guests and have all different kinds of stuff to fill them with to make sandwhich wraps (like a Subway sandwhich wrap!) For favors, you could go to Target or even a dollar store!. There really is some cute but cheap stuff there!! Have a CD player playing high-energy music, decorate with streamers and cute lights!. You can also have activities, maybe a craft like decorating picture frames with sea shells or other things (found at the Dollar Tree!) Play fun party games, here's one: Wrap a cute inexpensive gift a bunch of times with wrapping paper!. Have all of your guests sit around in a circle and have a timer set for 15 seconds!. Start by setting the timer and start passing the prize around!. When the timer stops, whoever has the prize will unwrap a layer!. Keep going until the last layer is unwrapped, and whoever reveals the prize wins!!
Hope I've helped!! Hope it's a great party too!Www@FoodAQ@Com

well i just turned thirteen so i have a bit of an idea!. since it is going to b cold u can ask ur parents if u guys can rent a hall and have party there like a formal, luau, 50-80's party, ETC!. and at the party you can hire someone u know to be the host to announce all the games!. And to make it more special for you they can put a picture of you (BIG) in the entrance so people can sign the frame!. let me know what you thinkWww@FoodAQ@Com

hey, for the party you should go out to the movies or bowling or an arcade-type place!. they usually have party rooms if you are worried about having enough room!. if you can't go out and your stuck at home, i would just choose less people!. sometimes when theres a lot of people things get outta control and its not as much fun!.

when i usually have house parties we play games like truth or dare or never have i ever!.!.!.!.or if you have pool or air hockey!.

you can do the same with sleepoverr!. its fun watching scary movies with lots of snacks too!. :]Www@FoodAQ@Com

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