Dinner & Dancing in NYC?!

Question: Dinner & Dancing in NYC!?
I need a good suggestion for dinner and dancing in NYC for my sisters 40th b-day!. It will be girls only!. I was thinking Providence/Triumph!. Any suggestions would be great!. And for anyone who has been there is the crowd young!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

I don't know anything about the Providence/Triumph place, but I can suggest a dinner/dance cruise line out of Manhattan!.

There are quite a few cruise lines which offer this and it's awesome because you get to cruise around for 4-5 hours!. Their food is usually really good and I did one of these two years ago and the crowd age is mainly 30-50ish!.

I am NOT advertising any one or anything, but the link I'm including is the cruise line my honey and I chose!.


But, do your own research, there are many in NYC!.


Eat whatever you want, I suggest you dance to this song it is probably the best hip hop song ever!


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