Help with birthday party planning !?!

Question: Help with birthday party planning !!?
ohkay, i'm turning fourteen in a month and i wanna have a pretty awesome party!. I was supposed to have a halloween themed one, but decided to do it next year do to some inconveniences!. So now I have no idea what to do, i'm having no more than 20 girls, maybe a little less!. And I'm known for my parties, so I want it awesome, one of my friend's favorite's, was my 10th birthday when I had a murder mystery party , everyone had lines and stuff and it followed with a sleepover with snacks and crowd surfing!. But this year I want something really fun and not too extravagant since next year (and my 16h of course !) will be ! please help suggestions, sites,experiences, anything(:

go to birthdaypartyideas!.com and it has some good themes and ideas to do for different ages!. It's real cool!
go rollerskating or bowling! Or go see a movie!
Get a pizza, some DVD's, have a fashion show with judges,(pick a theme for fashion show) put on a skit!. or do a talent show!
Have a Ice cream sundae party!. Get different toppings and ice cream to make your own sundaes!(hot fudge, caremel, peanuts, whipped cream,cherries,snickers, m&m's, oreos, etc!.)

I suggest u should organize a BBQ party at ur house!! u can hv dance and sing performance while enjoying ur BBQ !
It sounds great and u don't need to spend too much time and money on it!.!.
You can get chicken, pulled pork, and ribs, along with sides and cornbread!. I like Famous Dave's; there may be a location near you!. BBQ feels like a celebration and yet is relaxed !!!

80s parties are super fun with the girls- email me if you want fun ideas for 80s themeWww@FoodAQ@Com

One of my friends once had a Hollywood Party for her 15th!. It was so much fun! On the invitations she listed 3 celebrities for each girl to choose from- for example my 3 choices were blake livley, Lindsay lohan, and Carrie Underwood!. then the girls call you to tell you who they want to be out of the 3 choices!. Everyone dresses up as their choice!.!.and tries to act like them too!. At her house she had a big red carpet!. Everyone got their chance to walk the red carpet and have their pictures taken at the end!. We each got interviewed like we were our celebrity!. For example my friend was Vannessa Hudgens and she was asked questions about her and Zac Efron and why she trys to keep her life so private!. We had contests like the best performance- sing if you were a singer or act if your an actor!. We voted on the best picture from the photoshoot, best interview, best performance, and best dressed!. I hope this helped good luck and happy Birthday!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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