Good science fair project about chocolate, candy or soda BEST ANSWER 10 PTS?!

Question: Good science fair project about chocolate, candy or soda BEST ANSWER 10 PTS!?
IM in seventh grade my best friend stole my science fair project when i told her so now i got to find another one so plez help me out i wanna make a better project than herWww@FoodAQ@Com

not much of a friend, huh! Not sure why you are limiting yourself to those three food items because there's lots of interesting projects out there for 7th graders but here goes

for candy (especially hard candy) or soda how about exploring the food colors used to color them!. You could separate them using paper chromatography (if you don't know what this is ask you teacher--I't really easy to do) and then try to identify the colors and read up about their structure and chemistry!.
for soda how about measure the amount of gas in the can or bottle!. You would have to do this by water displacement!. I bet different brands have different amount of gas!. Again ask you teacher the water displacement is not difficult to do!.
For chocolate how about trying to identify the conditions necessary to create chocolate bloom (that's the white stuff that forms on the candy)!. Hint: try chilling the candy or moving it to different temperatures!. Do all chocolate candies behave the same!?

All I can think of in a short time!. good luck!. I used to teach 7 grade science!.

PhD Food Chemistry and NutritionWww@FoodAQ@Com

You could do a, "Why chocolate melts!?!" and give all the reasons!. Here is a very helpful site that I found and thought of it was really good information!. http://www!.spartak!.by/en/press/release/1!.!.!.

You could give the lowest temperature chocolate melts at and the highest!. You could have a stove burner (you can get them at any hardware store or camping place and all you do is plug it in you would obviously need school permission for it but I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem) and melt chocolate in front of people!. Then you could have a small lamp that wasn't very hot (which would be the lowest temp chocolate melts at) and let it sit there at the low temp at maybe have enough where people could touch the lowest temp one to show it's not very hot!. If I were you I'd also pass out packets of chocolate and tell people to put it between their hands and let their body heat melt it!. Then you could explain why it does this (because of your body heat)!. After it's all done you could pass out Chocolate to people that they didn't melt in their hands! That would be an awesome science experiment!.

If you're artistic you could draw this on your poster board!.

I would be VERY impressed if I was a judge and it'd show you put a lot of work into it!.

You could draw this on it instead:

You could also cut your board into the shame of a hershey's chocolate bar then write on the board saying Hershey's chocolate and everything you'd see on the front of the bar!. Over it you could put facts about melting points and how chocolate melts!.!. Everything from the site I put earlier!.

You could print that to put as a melting picture!.

Picture you could print, it's a candy thermometer!. It's what you'll need to test the highest temp on the stove top!.

Good luck!Www@FoodAQ@Com

In middle school I did a project where I had four pots and put seeds in them and only gave them their own types of liquids!. I did Coke, water, milk and something else!. Obviously the Coke didn't grow (the milk did) and I researched why it didn't grow!. I did this for 40 days and took pictures every day at the same time!. The actual research was very easy!. I had how a plant grows and what it needs!. I got first place in my whole middle school!. And my board was green!. They loved that!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

i was just watching food network and sandra lee made a chocolate cake and had a hole in the middle of the cake(shapped like a volcano)!. in the hole she put a cup of dry ice and when she poured water into it smoke came out!. good luckWww@FoodAQ@Com

In science class we once did an experiment with M&M's!. Does the shell color change the taste!. You could play around with it a bit!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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