What is a "pamper chef party"?!

Question: What is a "pamper chef party"!?
What kind of 'get together' is this!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

I am a Pampered Chef consultant and can answer that in great detail!. First let me say that each consultant is different and may have a different way of doing the party, which is called a Cooking Show!. The consultant will bring whatever kitchen tools are needed to make the recipe to your home for the show!. Normally, only one or two recipes are made so that everyone can keep it simple!. Some consultants have the host pick the recipe and purchase the ingredients, some consultants will pick the recipe beforehand, and some consultant will even bring the ingredients with them!.

Once we get to your house, we will set up the tools in the kitchen so that everyone can see the tools in action while the recipe is being made!. Some consultants will make the recipe themselves and talk about the tools as they use them!. Some consultants will work together with the host and guests to make the recipe so that everyone gets a chance to use the tools while they are there so they can get an idea of how useful (or not) the tool would be to them!. Once the recipe is made and baking, or done and the guests are eating, we will normally talk for a few minutes on some of our tools that may not have been used, or that need a little more time to talk about, and to tell the guests a little bit about why they might want to have their own Show and about becoming a consultant!. We know not everyone is looking to have a Show or do this job, but we don't know who IS, so we talk about it just a little and if someone is interested, we talk to them about it more later!. If not, we don't bug them later!.

Then we collect the orders from the guests and any orders the host may have gotten beforehand so that we can tell the host how much free stuff she (or he) has earned and how big the discount is on everything else!. The host gives us his/her order and we take out the free, half-price, and discounted amounts!. We send all of the orders in to the company and they send everything to the host - usually within 2 weeks of the show!.

The host bags the orders up for her friends and sees all the goodies they got, then delivers them to her friends!. the host also gets an automatic 10% discount on everything she orders within a year after her show, regardles of what consultant she orders from!.

I would be happy to answer any of your questions that may not be addressed here, and will help you find a consultant in your area if you decide to have a show!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Pampered Chef is a party hosted at someones home in which they will display and use kitchen products, they will invite you to host a party if you are interested!.They will usually make several items for you to sample while you listen to their presentation,about an hour!.They have a large variety of unique items as well as gadgets and cookbooks!.Some of the items are pricey,but they are well made products!.I still have a baking stone from 20 years ago and use it all the time, how often do you still have a pizza pan or cookie sheet 20 years later!.I say,go,enjoy the food and if you like it go from there!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Its a Home Selling Party!.!. Some People are Uptight about them because they say the items are to costly!.!.!. and most of these people are the kind that don't have money anyways and would much have quantity then quality of the items they surround themselves with and put into their homes!.

I love going to Pamper Chef Parties, the food is good, the time with family and friend is good and it appeals to one of my greatest hobbies!.!.!.!. cooking!! I love their products!.!.!. some of the best I've ever used!.

But pretty much a Consultant would come to your house!.!.!.!. prepare a few meals or desserts with the Pamper chef products and then tell you about the products and then you place orders!! I love them!.!.!. Actually looking into having another one soon!.

Here you can check them out more!!

A Pampered Chef party is usually held at someone's home!. There are usually only women there and Pampered Chef is a brand of cooking gadgets and products!. The host usually has several samples for you to look at, and then they hope you will purchase some items!Www@FoodAQ@Com

The Pampered Chef is a brand of cooking supplies and people have parties like tupperware parties where they sell the stuff!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

In my opinion, it's a party centered around overpriced kitchen doodads!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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