Event Planning Question ?!

Question: Event Planning Question !?
Hello All,

I am wondering if some of you have to deal with the same BS that I have to at my job and if you do, what do you do!?

I work for a company that has about 30 (more or less) employees!. Since about a year ago, I planned a "Happy Hour" after work on Friday on around a monthly basis!. The first time I planned it, almost everyone attended!. I was ecstatic that so many people were interested in getting together in a different environment from work to chill and have a couple of drinks after work!. However, as I continued to plan them, less and less people were interested in attending!. :(

I stopped planning them during the entire summer because of this!. Sooo, since this past week-end was the last summer of the year, I decided to plan one again since it had been a while since the last one!. Only 4 people from the company showed up!. BUT, I planned a get-together for this Friday since it's the IT's last day and I already received 5 "yeses"!. WTF am I doing wrong!? Do these ppl have something against me!?! I don't want to take it personal but I can't help it when I get the same outcome!. :(

Any suggestions!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

sometimes it's just hard to get people to show up and hang with people form work- they just want to get home and do what they normally do!.
try to space them out farther between, that may help gain interest!. try out different places- ask around to people what places they think might be good to try!. see if they would like to invite spouses- maybe plan it for later in the night after dinner or something so they can come along!.

don't let it get you down- sometimes things just need to be spontaneous instead of planned, people like to say "hey, wanna go get some drinks after work today" instead of "hey!. tonight is our work happy hour thing- you goin!?"Www@FoodAQ@Com

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