Cheap ways to have fun help please party?!

Question: Cheap ways to have fun help please party!?
I am throwing a surprise party for my friends sweet 16!. I need some cheap ideas for decoration, games, themes, and food!. Anything will help!. It's in October and i posted another question that had an answer that suggested a costume party!. That seems fun so any ideas for that too please!. and for ideas for games and themes please share ones that wont be too lame for teens!. thanks a lot!Www@FoodAQ@Com

costume party would be fun! hand out invites to friends about dressing up and when and where!. pick up decorations from the dollar store- streamers, balloons, paper plates and stuff, and they have tons of Halloween stuff now also!. hang up cobwebs, borrow halloween decorations from family and neighbors, maybe see if anyone has a strobe light to use!. for foods order up a pizza, find a cheap place to order from like I know Little Cesar's has $5 pizzas, make some cup cakes, veggies and dip, get chips and dip, 2 liters of soda or make a ghoulish batch of green punch! here are some ideas for games http://www!.partygamecentral!.com/pgcstand!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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