Party Idea For Co-ed, 15 Preteens, Can't Be At Home!!!?!

Question: Party Idea For Co-ed, 15 Preteens, Can't Be At Home!!!!?
My daughter's idea was a limo party!. I looked at ther prices and for a stretch for 3 hours it's about $350!. That's just the limo, so that's out!. Then I went to a spa!. I liked the prices and what they did, but she didn't want that because then it couldn't be a co-ed party!. What other idea do you have!? They're ages 11-12 yrs!. No places like the park!

We're moving, so the house looks really messy! Www@FoodAQ@Com

Where do you live!? In LA, I rented a limo on a Friday night for four hours, and it cost $150!.!.!. Consider shopping around a bit for this, or asking about discounts on an off night (like Sunday or Monday)!.!.!.

If the limo idea is totally out, then consider a hotel pool party for the kids - rent a room at a nice local place, make sure there's plenty of yummy food and sodas, and adult supervision!.!.!. this could be a fun party!.

Other ideas that are coed and not at home: lasertag, paintballing, bowling!.!.!.


Why not go camping!? Bring another parent or friend with you to help watch everyone and camp out for the night!. You can decorate the spot with balloons and bring a cake and have a bon fire with smores!.!. I'm going to a camp out bday this weekend and I cant wait!.!.!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

Take them to near by technology park!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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