13th Birthday Party Idea's?!

Question: 13th Birthday Party Idea's!?
Its My 13th Soon And I Don't Know What To Do For My Party I Don't Want To Do Anything Boriing Or Really Expensive!. I Want People To Rememeber My Party! Any Idea's!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

There's a lot of fun ways to celebrate your 13th birthday!
You can have a sleepover and invite all your friends over and make ice cream sundays, watch movies, do late night outdoor scavenger hunts, roast marshmallows while telling scary stories, and have a late night dance party with your favorite music!.

You can also ask you mom if you can invite a few friends, and go out to your favorite restaurant for dinner, and then maybe go back to your house for cake and have them sleep over!.

You can have a fun afternoon birthday party at your house!. You can decorate cookies, play games, watch a movie, etc!.

Good luck with your party,
Hope I helped =)Www@FoodAQ@Com

theres a lot of fun things you could do!

you could do a dance party!. get all your friends to bring thier iPods, make sure you have a stereo that plays ipods, and plug in your fav tunes! Then you all can just dance and have fun!

If you want, you can do a Dancing with the Stars activity!. Put everyone into pairs!. Pick out your favorite celebrities and put there names in a hat!. Then, one of the people in the pair picks out of the hat, and whatever name they pick is what celebrity they are!. Then the other partner is the dance instructor!. One of your siblings or parents or something can be the judge(s)!. Then, each pair can create a dance and then the judge can pick the winner!. Thats really fun!.

also, each person can make personal pizzas for themselves for dinner!. Use enligsh muffins, bbq sauce or marinara sauce, shredded mozzarella, chopped onions, pepporoni, sliced chiicken, peppers, any toppings you want!. That way, everyone gets what they want!.

Make fruit salad and snack mix(chex, nuts, pretzels, cheeze its, so on) to go with your dinner!.

Thats a fun, inexpensive bday party for ya! Happy bday and good luck!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Invite a lot of people to your house!. Play cool games to celebrate being a teen like "Spin Da Bottle" or something!. Have lots of music and dancing!. It should start @ 8:00pm and end whenever!.!.!. but probably somewhere around midnight!. Have weird games, a cool movie playing, and if u have a pool, use it!. Then have all the girls sleepover!. The total people should be around 50 or 60!. Here's a tip: Add little things to your party like lights off with weird colored lights on and if there are any couples there, well, have a little "Couple Time" so they can "spend time w/ each other!. Hope I helped ya!!!!!!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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