Party ideas for a pink themed sweet 16?!

Question: Party ideas for a pink themed sweet 16!?
i need game ideas, decoration ideas, food, etc!. every detail counts :) if you give me the most detailed answer i will give you ten points! Thanks!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Decoration Ideas:

Pink balloons, pink streamers (different shades to give it a nice effect!), pink confetti, pink table clothes!. Pink plates, pink cups, pink napkins!. If you have any pink bedsheets, or fabric, you can use that to cover any chairs or couches!.!.!.so litereally EVERYTHING can be pink!. At a novelty store you may even be able to find some pink toilet paper for the bathrooms! (don't forget the pink towels too! :o)

Food Ideas:

If you have popcorn planned, you can get some food dye, and actually dye the popcorn pink!. Bake some cookies up using the same idea!. Sugar cookies are a great idea!. Add some food color to the dough, and make 'em pink! Whip up some pink icing with pink sprinkles too!

Obviously, a pink icing cake! If there's writing on the cake, do it with a darker color of pink!. Even get some pink candles!

For other snacks, theres pink M&M's, pink jelly beans, ummm!.!.!.!.ANY pink candy!. If you're having a veggie tray with dip, just add some food color to the dip, and VOILA!.!.!.pink dip! For veggie or fruit trays, line the tray with a pink paper to give it the extra effect!.

Game Ideas:

Guess the drink!. Have a variety of drinks, and dye them all pink!. Have the guests take a sip, and write down what drink they think it is!.

Pink Sing-a-Long!. Have each guest lip sync (or actually sing) their favorite "Pink" song!. Have a panal of judges to critique their performance!

Have each guest wear something pink!. The person with the most creative outfit, or the person who wears the most pink wins!

Pink Pinata!. You could get an all pink pinata!.!.!.filled with ALL pink candies! Make sure to include a pink stick to HIT the pinata! Oh, and a pink bandana to cover the persons eyes!

Get a clear jar, and fill it with a BUNCH of pink candies!. Make sure you count how many candies you put in!. Have each guest guess how many candies are in the jar!. The person who is the closest without going over the actual amount wins the whole jar of goodies! You can dress the jar up with a pink ribbon!

If you're sending out invitations, make sure to do them with pink paper and dark pink writing! Dress them up with pink sparkles, or ribbon!. You could spray them with perfume to give it a "pink" smell!. I dunno!.!.!.pink always reminds me of a pretty smell!.!.!.lol!.

Wow!.!.!.was that enough ideas!? I think I could come up with some more!.!.!.but I don't want to write you a a novel!


Cool Game:

Buy like 5 different colors of nail polish (if you have 10 or more girls, otherwise buy less)!. Sit in a circle with no shoes or socks!. Play "hot potato" but pass the 5 nail polishes around!. When the music stops whoever is holding a bottle must paint 1 toe nail!. When a person gets all of their nails painted they win a prize (but are out of the game)!. Keep going until everyone's toes are done!.

The next day you will all have rainbow colored toes!!

!.!.!. Since it's a pink party you could just buy different colors of pink nail polishWww@FoodAQ@Com

pink!?!? well what would go AWESOME for decoration would be some white polka dots on pink!.!. try to find some plates and cups or somethin like that!. idk if they sell them like it or not!.

and game ideas!.!.!.!? well if its a sweet 16 wouldn't you want music and dance!? my reccomendation is playing some really nice music and idkk like a party favor for whoever comes!. like a pink and white necklace with the persons name on it and on the back, "______'s sweet 16" or something cute like that so they'll remember ur party for a long time!.

fooooood!. a pink cake DUHHHH!. strawberry OR chocolate OR vanilla!. come to think of it, any cake would work fine except you MUSTTT get pink frosting and any kind of decoration like, your picture, happy sweet sixteen andddd you could get a huge tower kind like they have at weddings!. cuz im guessing there might be a lot of people!. set out fruit bowls and get funny shaped ice like stars or something for people to add to their drinks!. i think you should get your favorite food for the main entree cuz really, there isn't much special foods ONLY FOR THE COLOR PINK!. get whatever you like!. it'll fit in!.!. anddd!.!.!. hmm!.!. some hecka cute pink invitations such as the kind with the half-see-through tissue paper stuff thats stuck on the front of the invitation!. add a cute pink bow to each one and maybe get them scented if you can!.

strawberry pinkkkk would be a good theme!. since ur getting pink, and strawberries fit in greatttt!.

thats all the ideas i've got!. i think the ideas i described are a bit pricyyy so let me know what ur price range is and if u want, i could help you out =]

but i dunno!. ;PWww@FoodAQ@Com

pink could be princess and prince
you could eat marsh mellows, pink cake,
well i am not sureWww@FoodAQ@Com

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