Please help!! really need some ideas pleasee..?!

Question: Please help!! really need some ideas pleasee!.!.!?
hosting my first beach party! for my 13th, im inviting 4 girls!. and need some beach party ideas on anything atl all please!. all your ideas will be appreciated! thanks!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Have you considered a fire!? here are some suggestions:

2) Music
3) Beach toys of course (Frisbee, volley ball, Nerf balls, water guns, etc)
4) Boys are usually a fun idea
5) Picnic!? (sandwiches, cheese, fruit, stuff like that)
6) Floats
7) goggles and snorkeling gear
8) a bag for interesting seashells and sand dollars
9) skim boards, boogie boards, surf boards, etc
10) Don't forget bottled water and sunscreen!!!


You're getting a lot of great ideas!. I'd have a fire if possible!. Everyone can roast their own weenies on sticks and make s'mores!. Or barbecue weenies and hamburgers!. Have all the fixings like buns, mayo, catsup, mustard, lettuce, onions, pickles, relish, tomatoes, etc!. Then have several different chips and some dips!. Lots of pop iced down in the cooler!.

Is this at the beach, or at your home!? At home you can have activities like making beach themed tee-shirts!. Get a few fabric paints and brushes!. Some foam stamps with shells, fish, or paint beach related items free-hand!.

Making jewelry is always fun!. You can make friendship bracelets!.

Have games planned if you're at the beach!. Volleyball, frisbee!. Contests for who collects the most shells in 10 minutes, the biggest shell, the smallest, or the most beautiful shell!.

You can have a sand castle contest!. Set a time limit of 10-15 minutes, and have a prize for best castle!.

Clothespin Game!.
Give each person a clothespin as they enter!. They attach it to their clothing!. Choose a “secret word” ahead of time!. It can be anything related to your party theme, like- wave, lifeguard, etc!. When someone hears another guest saying the secret word, they take that guest’s clothespin!. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the party wins a prize!.

Word Jumble
Make a list of 10 - 15 words relating to your party theme!. In your case, words like surf board, bikini, ocean, etc!. Keep this list as your master list!. Copy the words onto another list, and scramble the letters to each word!. Make copies of the list and pass out to guests during game time, along with a pencil or pen and a magazine to write on!. Set a timer for a couple of minutes!. Have guests try to unscramble the words!. When time is up, share the answers from your master list!. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize!.

Have a great time!. Happy 13th birthday!


Beach Party !.!.!. Hum lets see how about Building like an extreme sandcastle bring gear like shovels and buckets or all sizes build something crazy cool! Picnic since your 13 how about some coconutcups with a yummy drink!. Bring stuff to do nails and maybe a henna kit that would be fun you could do eachothers feet or something also maybe belly surfing!. bring stuff to make necklaces and find shells on the beach to incorpoate them into!.!.!. more tips on this site hope that helps!. Have a happy birthday!!!

Bring these things along to make it a great day :)
1!. Bring a rug and sleeping bags
2!. Bring MUSIC!! and a music player so you girls can sing at the top of your vioces and have heaps of fun!
3!. Light a Bon Fire
4!. Bring a cake and yummy food
5!. Brings drinks to quench ur thirst
6!. Bring a bottle to play truth
It will be an awesome time Www@FoodAQ@Com

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