Please help! what should i do.. party disaster?!?!

Question: Please help! what should i do!.!. party disaster!?!!?
okay so for my 14th birthday im having soon!. this is what ive planned:
if its sunny il have a beach party or go to a water amusement park
if its raining il have a chocolate spa party
BUT!. i don't know if its going to be raining or not until about 5 days before and the weather may not be right, and i want to hand out the themed invitations for each party idea!. but i cant do that in just 5 days and i want the two parties to start and finish at DIFFERENT times!. so what should i do!?!? how am i suppose to plan a completely different party in like 5 days!. and what am i going to do about invitations, times, planning etc!.!.
please help!!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Instead of an invitation, you can hand out a "Save the Date" card in advance and follow it up with a themed "evite" (http://www!.evite!.com/) when it gets closer to the event!. You can put on the card that you want your friends to check their email 24hrs before the event to log into evite to get the party details!.!.!. it will make it all seem very mysterious!.

Another thought is to have the cards you hand out have a mystery theme because you won't know what your party will be until it gets closer to the date!.!.!. this will give it some suspense and make it very exciting!Www@FoodAQ@Com

That's an easy question just go to the water park cause if it rains your going to get wet any ways =) Www@FoodAQ@Com

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