Decorating fruit for my baby shower?!

Question: Decorating fruit for my baby shower!?
Well im looking to do something like this but i need ideas and tips and would i use cookie utters to make these shapes!?to the experienced people do you think this would be a complicated project im having a girl and my showers oct!.11 and i want to make something unique out of some fruit,thanks to everyone!


If you are like me and all thumbs then here's a trick I learned when I was working in a fancy restaurant (I had to do fruit displays with big sharp dangerous knives)!.

1) Get some fruits, grapes or little berries!. Tooth picks are options
2) Buy some oranges, strawberries or other easily slice-able fruit!.

Option one (no toothpicks)
Cut your fruit into nice shapes!. I did wedges with the fruit, since I had all kinds of fruits the colors were pretty!. I did one row of orange colored fruit, one row of another color fruit and hid a pretty nice looking display!.

Option Two (toothpicks)
Cut your oranges/fruit into width wise!. Take your orange circles and and put little berries at the center!. You can use the tooth picks to pierce the orange circle and the berry or grape!. Sometimes I used other fruit like a lime (cut in to quarters) or plum (cut in half) and pin the orange circle and the berry/grape!. Then I'd align them to look "pretty"!. I then used the remaing berries that didn't have oranges to fill in any spaces that looked bare!.

Any option
Strawberries, well if you can slice the berries length wise, from the tip to the green part, you can have strawberry "petals" and arrange it to look "pretty"!.

also you can just buy the arrangements :P


at my friends baby shower they had a watermelon cut out like a bassinet and filled it with fruit so they used the watermelon inside as the bowl!. it was really pretty and i don't really know how they made it or if they ordered it from somewhere!? just figured i would give you an idea!. and i think you would use a sharp knife to cut it out not a cookie cutter, you could use cookie cutters for other fruitWww@FoodAQ@Com

With a little patience, I think you can do this! You may wish to do an internet search for "how to grourmet bouquet"!. I did and I found some interesting site & info!. You may wish to consider doing one with cookies too!? They have a lot of pictures of ones with cookies and I think they would be easy to do with homemade or purchased cookies!. Just a thought!

Good luck & wishing you all the best for you & your new little one too!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I think the whole edible arrangement would be a little complicated, but you could simplify it!. Chocolate dipped strawberries are easy to do!. I'd probably do a bunch of those, some in white chocolate and others in milk chocolate, and arrange them on a tiered plate/cake tray!. But i'm sure you could pull off the arrangement, just a bit trickier, for sure!Www@FoodAQ@Com

That is such a wonderful idea! I think the sunflowers are shaped pineapples with some sort of berry or cantaloupe in the middle!. The hearts are also made of pineapples!. You are going to have the coolest baby shower! Congradulations!.!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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