I'm planning halloween party and need some ideas ?!

Question: I'm planning halloween party and need some ideas !?
I'm throwing a halloween party for my friends we are all between the ages of 16-26 and need some good ideas for games and music,movies and other ideas like food i don't have a lot of money but want this to be great please help meWww@FoodAQ@Com

for cheep decorations, you can run to a craft store and buy like halloween confettie for really cheep, you can also take tissue and stuff it with another tissue and tie it with string to kind of make a sac, if you flip it upside down and draw two eyes on it, you've made a really inexpensive ghost, hang those all around for a cool decoration!. for a punch bowl, find a recipe that's either gree red or purple, put it in a punch bowl, then (actually the day before) put water into a latex glove, freeze it, then take it out when it's all frozen, and right before your guests come put the hand shaped ice into the bow, you may want to make extra hands, um!.!.!.!. you can bob for apples, that's pretty inexpensive, decorate mini pumpkins, try brightideas,com too, they have fun stuff, also if you just type in like holowwen treats or cookies or wahtever into google, and click images you'll get a lot of ideas, oh, places like big lots and 99cent stores have good halloween stuff for cheap!. well i hope you're party goes well!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

How about making a Spooky (yet simple to make) Spider cake!. This has been a huge hit at our parties!


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