Does anyone have any party ideas for my 12th birthday party?!

Question: Does anyone have any party ideas for my 12th birthday party!?
hi im having a party for my 12th birthday nov!. 19 and i need party ideas!.!.!.I go to middle school and have lots of good friends!.I just need an idea of were to do my party and the theme im gonna have!. My mind is very open!. I choose best answers!!! [: Www@FoodAQ@Com

Wow! Your going to be 12!

I helped a cousin with her 12th birthday and she and all her friends loved it!

Why not try a Dance Party Theme!

With this theme, you can never go wrong!. There are so many things you can do and never have a boring moment!

You can do Dance Party Invitations! Remember to mail or delivery your invitations 2 to 3 weeks before your birthday!. In your case, I'd mail them no later then November 3rd! This way you can get your RSVP's back to see who and how much are coming!. Plus you need enough time to plan the rest of the party!

You can play fun games like:

* Dance off
* Dance Competition
* Karaoke
* Glow in the Dark Games

You can have the perfect decorations by using stuff around your house and or using black lights!. Black lights are perfect for a Dance Party Theme!

If your interested in this fun theme!. You can get more detailed Dance Party Ideas on the link below!

Have fun and Happy Planning! Your party is gonna be a hit!

PS: If you need more information or want more ideas, you can email me at:


I had an all girls sleepover last year and all the girls liked it!.We watched a movie(Sleepover&Hairspray) and people thought it was really fun!.We also played this game where you put little slips of paper that say to do surtain activities into balloons and everyone sits on a balloon for 5 sec!. and if the balloon pops,they have to do that activity!.My friend Maddie had to do random stuff that was like, Run around screaming i love hannah montana!! it gets really funny after a while!. Everyone was dying laughing!!

Hope That Helps!!!! ; )Www@FoodAQ@Com

My friend who turned 12 just had the best party ever!
We stayed at a local hotel, it was soo fun! Probably expensive though!.
IF there are going to boys there, just have it at your house, and hang out in the basment or whatever!.!.!.play truth or dare!.
DONT do a bowling alley or something!.
Have it at ur house and stay up all night long, your going to need lots of sour skittles! its fun staying up all night, my friends and i had the best time ever and we thought of outrageous dares and played life!. ANd you could walk to a park or go to the mall or something

Uh, party ideas!.!.!.for girl or GUy !?!?!? Do you want out door or indoor!?
My suggestion would be going to bowling or pool party >!?
If you don't want to spend too much money, just have it at home!.!.!.barbecuing!.!.!. egg toss!.!.!. Karaoke competition!.!.!.Dance party !?
( Just my idea!.!.!. BUT !.!.!.!. HAVE FUN AND HAPPY early Birthday :) Www@FoodAQ@Com

go to see twilight with your friends nuff said best movie ever thats wat im doing except its not for my bday but im twelve and tht wud b a party id wanna go toWww@FoodAQ@Com

jus hav nintendo ds party
everyone jus wifi up and duel eachotherWww@FoodAQ@Com

a hotel party would be cool everyone could go swimmingWww@FoodAQ@Com

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