Any ideas for me? Please people...?!

Question: Any ideas for me!? Please people!.!.!.!?
OK so my birthday is in 4 dayss and in 5 dayss theres a dance and after the dance me and some friends are going to my house *NOTE: please dont give me any boy-girl ideas because i have decided this is going to b girls night in* i dont kno wht to do since my hot tub just brokeeeee!. so anyone have anything!? like themes, or idk! just anything! thank you!


Have a SPA party! Do each other's nails, pedicures, facials, makeup, hairdos!. Take BEFORE/AFTER pictures!. You can do a fashion show and give out awards for best dressed, best make up, best hairdo, best nails,best shoes, etc!.
You can have a Ice cream Sundae party and have different kinds of ice creams and different toppings( hot fudge, sprinkles, whipped cream, M&M"S, oreos, cherries,) and make own sundaes!.
Rent some""GIRLIE DVD's and watch them with popcorn! Make some smores! Make a sherbert punch with ginger ale! Have chocolate covered strawberries!.
What about Karoeke or have a dance contest! O
GO TO BIRTHDAYPARTYIDEAS!.COM They have alot of themes and ideas for all different ages! It's cool!
JUST HAVE FUN whatever you do! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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