I really need some help planning my b-day. have i covered everything?!

Question: I really need some help planning my b-day!. have i covered everything!?
i need help planning my 14th!. its 2 WEEKS AWAY! umm!.!. what do i need to cover!.!?
all ive got so far is this!.

-guest list
-date, time, location

anything else!.!.!?
inviting!. 3-4 girlsWww@FoodAQ@Com

between the guest list and games I found a hole, it was where the invitations go!
pillows for fighting
silly string
a pinata stuffed full of candy (games!?)
sunscreen (if outside)
A room to yourselves so that grown-ups can't hear you giggle as you whisper secrets to each other!.
at least one copy of Teen Magazine, 17, or TigerbeatWww@FoodAQ@Com

A theme, such as a MAKE-UP GALA , a BEAUTY PAGEANT, or a TALENT SHOW!. Put it on the invitation, so the girls can bring all their necessities!.

What about party favors!? With so few guests,maybe you could give them some little pouches of small make-up items to take home, or maybe a cute keychain, etc!.

Happy Birthday and have fun!.Www@FoodAQ@Com


if your gonna be like RIGHT it 7:30, everyone in the lounge NOWWW!.!.
that would just be weird!.!.no offence!
make sure you are layed back and relaxed!.


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