How much should one expect to pay for this spread? (see picture)?!

Question: How much should one expect to pay for this spread!? (see picture)!?

One five layer Barbie cake, 25 iced cupcakes with gum paste butterflies and Tiara sugar cookies decorated with Royal Icing!. Started baking Monday night for a Saturday party!. Took whole week to put this all together--- in order to allow cookies to dry etc!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Amazing, everything looks so professional and your friend's daughter is going to love it!. I do some catering on the side and if it's for a friend, I usually just charge for the ingredients, but don't forget that you need to charge for all ingredients!. For example - you may not have bought eggs, milk, sugar, etc specifically for the cake and cookies, but you still had to use them, so charge accordingly!. I have seen those barbie cakes go for $50-60 here!.
If I am charging for people who are not friends, I count up all my hours of research, shopping, prep and cooking!. I charge minimum wage for the research and shopping hours, and I charge $10 for the prep and cooking!. Your time is worth it!
Remember that some other mothers will see what you did, tell your friend "I would normally have charged $200 (or whatever) for all of this, but it's you and your daughter, so I want to just charge for supplies!. BUT if anyone else asks, it's $200"
You have a great gift!

An entire week sounds like a huge amount of time for this!. The gum paste butterflies could have been made ahead of time!. There is no pic of the sugar cookies, so it is difficult to tell how much time it should have taken to decorate!. The Barbie looks like something that could be baked in one day and crumb coated, then decorated the next day!. The cupcakes were quick and so should have been the cookies!. The most time consuming thing should have been the butterflies!.
I have not sold a cake in so long that I really wouldn't know the going rate!. However, it sounds like it really took you way to long to complete this!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Wow,that Barbie cake looks absolutly fabulous!.
I know how long it takes to put such a cake together so I'm not suprised it all took a week,I would say thats about right!.
The Tiara cookies look amazing too,really really good!. I bet the kids that went to this party were thrilled to bits!
In answer to your question as to how much it would cost-I'm assuming you mean if someone proffesional did it for you, like a bakery!? I reckon they would easily charge £100 or so for the lot!.
If you mean how much should the mother of the child pay you,then I would just tot up you actual expenses for all the ingredients but do not charge for your labour as this can be a gift to them from you!
It really all does look super!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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