My friend and I would like to throw a party..?!

Question: My friend and I would like to throw a party!.!.!?
My friend and I would like to throw a party at her house!. Her house is huge,and all!. We don't think we should have a theme,because we think theme's are babyish!.also,we're inviting about 50 or so people!. Can you give me ideas for:
-Drinks [we're underage,and we can't drink,so don't put beer or anything]
-Anything else!.
Thank you!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Is there a specific reason for this party such as a birthday or something or is this just for the heck of it!? If it's just for the heck of it, then this is what i would do:

Music- It depends on what you like to listen to!. My friends and i like to put on 80's music and oldies and stuff!. It's great party music!.

Food- All you really have to do is buy a bunch of snacks!. Get a bunch of different kinds of chips and get some french onion dip and some pizza rolls, bagel bites, popcorn, pretzels, cheese and crackers, and i always make my world famous chili dip!. All you have to do is get some cream cheese and spread it on the bottom of the bowl!. Get some Hormel Chili no beans and put that on top of the cream cheese!. Then get some shredded cheese to put on top of the chili and microwave!. If you really want like a main dish or something, i would order a bunch of pizzas!. also, if you want (since you aren't drinking) get some cake or ice cream or something for dessert!.

Drinks- I am 22 so i usually buy a lot of liquor but since you can't do that, i would just get a lot of different kinds of soda pop, and something else like juice or iced tea since not everyone likes/can drink pop!. Plus, if you get juices and such, you can try being creative and making your own weird drinks!. Another idea is getting some cherries/cherry juice and sprite so you can make a kiddie cocktail!. You could also make rootbeer floats if you get ice cream!.

Decorations- Again it depends on the reason for the party!. If you are having this party soon, then you could decorate with a lot of christmas stuff!. I throw a toga party every year so i don't usually worry about the decorations as much!. We kind of ARE the decorations!. :) If this is a birthday party then get a lot of streamers and balloons and such!.

Anything Else- The only other thing i would say, is even though you won't be drinking, "drunk proof" the house!. Make sure all of the breakable things are put somewhere the guests won't be hanging out at!. also make sure everything valuable is hidden!. My boyfriend's ipod got stolen once so be careful but have a blast!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Am not sure if you want to cook!. Doritos and nachos served with salsa and cheese dip is a tasty and easy option!. Just don't serve it out of a packet, put in a nice big bowl with the dips on the side!. You can also have finger food like bite sized pieces of chicken nugget rolled in paprika powder served on a toothpick!. You can serve canapes or mushroom caps lightly sauteed in butter and stuffed with cheese again served on a toothpick!. Barbequed and lightly spiced baby corn is another good thing to serve!. You could have a cheese board with different cheeses, grapes, carrot sticks and crackers!. Hors d' oderves are perfect for parties!.

Music can range from hip hop to dance, trance and electronica

For drinks you can serve cocktails like fruit punch and pina coladas besides juices and coke or other sweet sodas!.

Decorations hmmm!.!.!.!.!.just place many numbers of two or three artifacts around the house!. You can bring out the beauty of some areas with lighted candles, dim lighting and cushions to create a lounge feel!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Music - hip-hop, RnB, rock/indie whatever you are into make sure it is danceable music

Food - pizza, doritos and dips, little sausages on sticks, popcorn, cupcakes, cakes etc!.

Drink - fizzy drinks, red bull, non-alcoholic punch

Decorations - balloons, lots of lights maybe fairy lights everywhere !?

Keep breakable objects away from party !Www@FoodAQ@Com

Music - Hip hop or top 40 I guess
Food - finger sandwiches, lil' smokies wrap in crescents
totinos, chips and dip
Drinks-Gingerale and sherbet punch 2ltr to a gall!.
Decorations-balloons and streamers!?
Desert- cake!? or cupcakes!?


daft punk
pizza, finger sandwiches, fondue, chocolate fountain
just tidy up, streamers, that sort of thing

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