What's a good party idea for a thirteen-year-old's birthday party that won't bore her guests to death?!

Question: What's a good party idea for a thirteen-year-old's birthday party that won't bore her guests to death!?
Don't want the party to be all girlie girlie, and there will be about ten to twelve girls at the party!. And nothing too expensive, I will probably be having the party at home!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

If you have a game system, then get a couple games that lets a few people play at once!.
At a music store in the mall I saw this karoke thing that wasnt expensive!. It was a microphone and DVD that you just hook everything up to the dvd player, and then you can do some fun karoke!.
Make some virgin strawberry margaritta's if that is okay with your parents!.


Use that recipe with no tequila!. :)

Get some ice cream and bake some cookies, then make your own ice cream sandwiches!.

Get some cheesy scary or funny movies, make some great flavored popcorn!.

Have everyone get a piece of paper and write out like 5-10 questions each, fold each question and put it into a bowl!.!.!. pass the bowl around, everyone gets one question each!.!.!. answering questions Honeslty then passing bowl around for everyone to answer!. May sound cheesy, but my friends and I STILL play something like this and we are over 30 yrs old!. :)

Play Family Feud online!.!. seperating your guests into 2 "families"!.

Two Truths and a Lie: Teens should sit in a circle and tell everyone two truths and a lie!. Everyone must guess which statement is the lie

Divide into 2's!.!.!. put make-up on the other person then take pictures so you can look back later and laugh!. (better if person applying make-up is blind folded, :)

Have everyone bring some comfortable pajamas so whatever yo do, it can be in some comfy jammies and houseshoes or socks!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

My daughter just had her 13th b-day party at home!. it was a sleepover with about 4 girls!.!. but I set up a junk food table!.!. candies!.!. chocolate's, chips, cupcakes, gum all sorts of things!.!. I decorated with balloons, and confetti!.!. to make it look fun!.!. and a purple table cloth!.!. then I set up a food table with pizzas, and drinks!.!. so they could help themselves!.!. I also set up a makeover table!.!. with a bunch of new makeup that I got from BIGLOTS!.!. and mirrors and curling irons, hair straightners, nail polishes!.!. and they did make overs and each others make up!.!. along with music to get them in the mood!.!. they had a BLAST!.!. good luck!.!. also when you decorate with a bunch of balloons and streamers they like it much better and looks like a party!Www@FoodAQ@Com

You could make it a dance party!. That shouldn't be boring!. :)Www@FoodAQ@Com

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