Whats the cheapest and most atractive way to decorate tables for a party?!

Question: Whats the cheapest and most atractive way to decorate tables for a party!?
I am holding a 60th birthday party in a cricket club and want to make the room look nice!. My god daughter has no money left so I suggested paper table cloths and flowers as a centre piece but time is short and 20 table decorations will take some doing so have you any ideas as to what is an easy/cheap way to table decorate!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Go to a gardening section at a local store and get cheap plants that come in "six-packs!." Cut between the dividers, so you have six small plants!. Wrap them in tissue paper with ribbons!. Ta da!!! You could probably have 24 for about $8!.00!?!?!?

Or!.!.!. just put a simple candle in the center of each table!. You could embellish it with ribbon curls cut like confetti and scattered around it!. White plastic tablecloths usually run about 80 cents at Big Lots!.!.!.

Once for Halloween, I just used black plastic garbage bags but you probably want something classier than that for a 60th birthday!.

Happy Birthday, BTW!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Not knowing what the tables are made of, I would simply suggest you could go to the fabric store and buy a really colorful bolt of clearance fabric, then cut pieces for table runners!. Truly, that would likely be enough!.!.!.!.especially if people need to eat at the tables!. But for a little more $$, you could do plain muslin table runners and a bunch of little votive candles on top of the fabric with a few sprigs of greenery to add more color!. Or even a large glass plate in the center overflowing with party favors!.!.!.like little party hats and those things people blow on (I don't know what they are called) and foiled hard candies like Weurthers, then sprinkle the top of the table with mutli-colored confetti!. (you can get it really cheap!.!.!.a big bag that will be enough for all your tables for like $5!.00!!) You can buy all of this party stuff at the paper warehouse places or dollar stores for nothing!. Like a bag of 12 party hats for $1!.00 - $2!.00!! Just set them on the plate and make a little arrangement with the blower things and candies and a couple two or three hats!. You don't need a hat for everyone, as I am sure they won't all be wearing them!. Really, they are just for looks!. But how fun when people start wearing them and the party really gets going!!

Good luck and happy birthday!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

they sell these plastic table cloths that are really colorful and have various designs ar your local $2 shop they are cheap easy to clean and colorful!. You can use them over and over again and they are very cheap!.
Acentre piece is really nice is just a plain wooden or white bowl about as large as a mixing bowl!. Buy some cheap flowers, ugly or not, cut the stems of at various different places!. Fill the bowl with water and drop the flowers in so they float around!. Next get some old jars-jam jars work a treat-and give the flowers a little bit of stem and add water to the jars pop the flowers in and put each jar next to every second or third plate!. It is quick and easy! hope i helped!Www@FoodAQ@Com

We just use the Northern Echo newspaper as it has large sheets!. Old jam jars with some colourful seasonal weeds, (rinsed of course) tactfully placed will distract from the meagre buffet on show!.Mine was a great success, even though they ate the weeds and pinched the racing page from the table cloth!. Happy Birthday!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Go to a good Dollar Store!. They have tons of floral stems party decor etc!. My friend did this and it looked great!. All you need is alittle imaginationWww@FoodAQ@Com

table clothsWww@FoodAQ@Com

Have you decided on a theme!? For instance this is just to give you some idea - if it were a cricket theme - you could decorate the table surfaces with either cloths or even clean bed sheets which look like a cricket pitch or even crepe paper
Make some little wickets out of staws and bats out of polystyrene foam cut to shape with a chopstick as the handle
Get some polystyrene foam balls and use felt pens to make them look like cricket balls
if on the other hand you want flowers etc - this is a cheap way to go
Use clean flat single bed sheets for the cloths - for flower decorations - see if you can collect something like some plastic caps from spray cans and jam a piece of florist foam or oasis in it and use small flowers and greenery from the garden to create little posy type floral decorations for the table - have paper napkins or serviettes in colours suited to the occasion and the person whose birthday it is - perhaps their favourite colour
Another idea is to place nice single blooms of flowers such as a camelia or hibiscus or other flowering shub which will last a few hours without water down the centre of the table and also to make table runners from crepe paper
Hope these ideas helpWww@FoodAQ@Com

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