What is the best wine glass for any kind of wine?!

Question: What is the best wine glass for any kind of wine!?
Is there one standard style of wine glass I can use for any kind of wine no matter red or white, Merlot or Chardonnay or anything in between!? How about stemless, can those be used with whites ever!? And do I need to buy separate champagne glasses or can I stick that in the standard wine!? I'm a Plebeian in a high brow world! Help!

* Have I mentioned I have acquaintances, I'd like to not alienate, who are actually wine sellers!? (gulp)Www@FoodAQ@Com

It's kind of shocking how different glasses really do change the taste of the wine!. But not everyone can own all the different glasses, and certainly not in the quantity needed for entertaining!.

One thing I'd definitely say is err on the large side - buy Bordeaux glasses!. You're better off with a Chardonnay in a Bordeaux glass - it may not be perfect, but a Bordeaux in a Chardonnay glass would be just plain sad!.

DON'T buy stemless!. That's a fad that's sure to pass!. You can't tip the glass sideways to see the wine!. The temperature of your hands messes with the wine!. They're very hard to swirl!. They're just all wrong!.

It would be worth investing in a decent glass though!. I'm fond of Reidel and would recommend the Vinum series!. The Sommelier series is ridiculously expensive and the lower end ones start to feel like they are from Target (who, by the way, carries a line of Riedel)!.

Go to wine stores and price the glasses!. I'm in Los Angeles and there are a couple wine stores I buy Riedel at and it is significantly less expensive than department stores or cooking stores!.

Oh - and for your highbrow friends, there's a little Riedel engraved on the base of the glasses, so they'll know you're a good wino ;-)Www@FoodAQ@Com

As I remember, as being a server at several fine dining establishments, there are rules to follow when serving wine!. Yes, you must serve white wine in a white wine glass and so on for the others that you have mentioned!. Since you are among what seems to be a bit of high society, I recommend that you don't stray from these set rules or eye brows will be raised and you will probably be snubbed!. I'm sure you don't want that to happen!. Yes, you do need to buy separate champagne glasses for the champagne!. Good Luck!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

A wine goblet is pretty universal!. When you swirl the wine you are looking for the "legs" how the wine clings to and runs down the sides of the glass!. the aroma is released into the glass which is why you can put your nose in it!. When you allow a small amount of air to travel across the top of the wine which is in your mouth you are allowing all the parts of your tongue to savor the different subtle nuances ie, bitter,sweet, sour,salt!. You get the idea!. Now you have successfully used four of your five senses which is why when making a toast we clink glasses to include our sense of hearing in appreciating wine tasting!.Yes buy champagne flutes your significant other will appreciate your attention to detail, after all you bought the champagne to celebrate something drinking it out of a paper dixie cup is kind of anticlimactic!.Your friends will appreciate your willingness to try different things, the explorer/adventurer within you is probably one of the qualities they admire about you!. Finally only in white wine spritzer or cooler would you use stemless!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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