Which guests would you invite to your dinner party?!

Question: Which guests would you invite to your dinner party!?
I'll Provide the setting: A huge, beautiful, roof terrace (only 3 floors up) overlooking a bay on the Island of Capri or Seville, A funky, soul-full singer of your choice (I think I'd have Seal or Corrine Bailey Ray, Tracey Chapman, someone with a smoky, soul-filled sound, if I could have someone from the past maybe Nina Simone, Al Green or Nat King Cole and Ella) The view of the Ocean is breathtaking and the moon casts an enormous Shimmering Silver reflection on the still water which lends a sweet smelling, gentle, warm breeze to the occasion!. the food is the freshest, most delicious imaginable, succulent lobster, the best smoked salmon, trays and trays of tiny, exquisite nibbles!. a choice of Steak, Roast, Paella, freshly caught fish and desserts so beautiful they are works of art!. The wine, the finest available!. Which guests would you invite, past or present!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Honestly!? My dad, who passed Christmas 2007!. I have so many things I'd love to tell him and the setting would be perfect!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

the orangutan in your pic would be my first guest, followed by curious george and clyde from the clint movies, i'd also invite cheetah from the tarzan movies and go completely ape!.!.!.!.lolWww@FoodAQ@Com

Charles Dickens and Charlie Chaplin!. Both remarkable men!. Both knew the horrors of London life, one wrote about it, and the other was born into it, both made much of their lives, one the greatest writer i know, and the other a genius!.
also Vera Brittain, who was a heroine of mine, who wrote the first book that detailed all the horrors of WW1 from the perspective of a woman, who lost everything, fiancee, beloved brother, all his close friends, and indeed changed her from a middle class rather insipid woman to a strong minded pacifist, who made her life count for something!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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