What theme should have for 16th b'day party?!

Question: What theme should have for 16th b'day party!?
My 16th is coming up in a few months what theme should I choose!.

I was thinking a sixties themeWww@FoodAQ@Com

just any theme will work but u definatly want a theme!. since its 16, try sweets 16 (candy) or driving 16 or 16 princess (sounds childish but u can make it more mature)!. also do a color scheme:
pink and green (girly but still fun!?)
blue and green (wild and party!?)
black and whtie (sohpisticated!?)
blue and white (beachy/sea shorey!?)

for instance, for my sweet 16 coming up in april i am doing a "pink and green sweets 16"!. there will be candy everywhere!.
pink and green table clothes, crepe paper, tableware, balloons!.
a dessert bar with a cake and then 6 different bowls of candy
for dinner it will be mostly finger food with 2 different types of pasta!.
there will be sign in book for guests at the enterence, and table cards (the tables will have candy names instead of the classic 1, 2, 3!.!.!.)
for party favors, i will give each guest either a pink or green chinese take out container (look here for them http://www!.nashvillewraps!.com/ShowSku!.ww!.!.!. multiple colors available)
then in each one i will have a "sweet 16 keychain" (look here for them
http://www!.wrapwithus!.com/Favors/6410-fc!.!.!. ) and then i will let each guest fill up their container with candy from the candy bar to take home!.

there will also be activeties like "guess the number of candy in teh jar" and the winner gets to keep it!. i will also hire a "palm reader" for the party who can read the guests palms throughout the night and do kinda a mini fortune kind of thing!. the guests will also have to wear dresses so itll make the party seem more formal!. i will also put a disposable camera on each table and tell the guests to tkae pictures throughout!.!. that way i can develop them at the end and get a wide range of things!.

hope this gave u some ideas! i know i am really looking forward to the party for myslef! (btw, there will be about 35 people at my party!.!.!.!.!.)Www@FoodAQ@Com

Yeah a sixties theme sounds good! Im not too sure what to suggest for it for food or decor though but everyone could wear 60's clothes and you could have music from 60's bands!

Here are some other idea's of mine!

Rave party:
- flashing lights
- smoke
- dj
- snacks
- lots of soft or alcoholic drinks
- lots of fun

Casino party:
- green felt on tables
- low lights
- cocktails, alcoholic or not can be served
- dress up nice
- bet small amounts of money
- snacks
- casino games, little sets you can buy
- sign saying Welcome to Vegas on the door

Quiz night:
- drinks and snacks
- everyone makes teams
- quiz master
- winners get a prize
- lots of fun and laughs

Hawaiian theme:
- grass skirts
- fruit and drinks served in coconuts
- little umbrella's and straws in drinks
- summer shirts
- have a little bar thing, and serve fruit cocktails
- have Hawaiian music and flowers everywhere

Fiesta theme:
- taco's
- lights and lantern's in the house or garden
- dress up mexican
- serve mexican food, ribs, fajitas, spicy dishes

Have fun!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

yes! you could use the sixties theme !. It is wonderful and that decade there was a thrill!.!.!.happy birthday!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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