Masquerade Party!! help meee?!

Question: Masquerade Party!! help meee!?
help me plan
the food
i am making the invitations right now
i have to finish this week!!

The food you want simple but elegant and something that looks fun to eat it is alot easier if I could know how many people were going where it is and how old you guys are, as for the masks you want something that is not too ott (over the top) something nice and elegant, it is also fun to make your own, you can usually by the eye masks at the craft shops!. Choose a colour that goes with your dress to paint it with and get some glitter and a couple of feathers and if you can buy some jewels they go great on masks!.

Ok so 8th grade, so something that is edible but not to this is a kids party type of thing!. The best thing to eat would be stuff you and your friends like to eat, like maybe pigs in a blanket!.!. something fun that kids can relate too but serve them on silver trays for elegance and fun!.
Decorations, don't go over board, some streamers, blue and white, balloons blue and silver but make it fun!.
Invite friends over and make your own masks, go to the mall, get some supplies e!.g glitter and ribbon and feathers and beads etc!. order some pizza throw on a couple of movies and make a girls night of it!.

Main thing just have fun, your only 13 remember!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

you are not no 13 if you are in 8th grade anyways yes blue and silver are matching and pretty colors like the Dallas Cowboys maybe what you should do is make your invitation white and have blue up an down lines like this (
except right side up and add blue beads on the side you know what i mean and like if you want im not making you put the letters in blue sparkles something similar to this

look at this article with ideas for a Mardi Gras party!.!. you could easily use some of them for your masquerade partyhttp://www!.celebrationideasonline!.com/ma!.!.!.
the games could add some fun to your party too!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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