I'm really scared to work as a waitress. How can i learn a menu that quick? The plates are too big/hot/heavy!?!

Question: I'm really scared to work as a waitress!. How can i learn a menu that quick!? The plates are too big/hot/heavy!!?
I worked in a posh race course a year ago and it scared the hell out of me!. Having to remember what food was on the plate, what table number it is for, what person number (using that clock thing) it is for - whilst the plates are burning hot (even with gloves on), so heavy i nearly drop them each time and really big so i could hardly carry them with my thumb on the edge and the rest of my fingers underneath!.

I want to gain confidence in it, but i really dont know how!. If i were asked what something was on a menu (a specific food that i didnt know of) ide feel embarrased that i didnt know, like ide be letting them down!. I dont know how to pronounce wines!.

I have an interview anyway for another catering job on Wednesday, for me to be working at an arena that also hosts dinner things!. I'm actually really scared now!. what if i forget about a table!? plate too hot or heavy!? or if i asked if there was any problems on a table and one person wanted a specific type of mustard, somebody wanted a glass of water, somebody wanted their food re-heating, somebody wanted salt - how am i suppoosed 2 remember all of this!?! what order do i do it in!?! all of this and know when to ask for drink refils, know when to ask when they want to pay!.

oh my god :( it's all so stressful!!! i need to be confident for when I work there!Www@FoodAQ@Com

first things first dear!.!.!.BREATH!.!.!.!.

i am curious though if this job situation seems that stressing on you why are you going out for it!?

as for anything else, hell i have been in restaurants where the waitress didnt know a whole lot about certain things and wuld go back to the kitchen to ask!. and to me thats fine, i rather have them take a minute to go back and ask then to wing it and be wrong!.!.!.!.

ive had a waitress look at the menu because she wasnt even sure what i was talking about!.!.lol!.!.again thats ok too to me!. i mean geez there are a load of things on some menus depending on what kinda restaurant you are in!.

as for wines!.!.who cares if you cant pronouce em, as long as you understand what they are asking or from the wine menu and bring it to them, then that should be just good enough!.!.!.!.if for some reason someone askes for a recomendation to go with what they are eating!.!.!.say, im sorry im not really a wine drinker but i can defiently ask the chef for you if you would like!.

as for the dishes being to hot or heavy, bring what you can at a time, if its two dishes!.!.one in each hand then so be it!. you are not asked to be a juggler!. you are bringin hot foods to a table !.!.!.why risk hurting yourself or burning yourself!.

in some places you can use a tray to put some dishes on to bring to a table, and put on one of those stands to hand out the food!. heck ive been to some places where the bus boy or another waitress has helped "my waitress" bring out the food!. so come on girl , relax and breath!.!.!.!.

when you bring the last dish to the table, take a quick scan at the glasses, drink glasses and water glasses!.!.!.ask if they need refills!.!.!.then ask if there is anything else they may need!. ie ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, etc!.

for the most part, having been a customer for years!. i dont mind a little wait for some things but i in the same breath dont want to be forgotten about either, then agian i dont want to be hounded!. lol!.!.

now once all food, drinks and condiments have been served!.!.!.step back and breath!.!.!.!.do whatever, keep an eye on the table!.!.!.then go back and just check!.!.!.ask!.!.!."is everything ok!? any last needed thigns!?" if not!.!.!.jsut say!.!.!.ty and enjoy your meal!.

when they appear done, check on them!.!.!.see if they need boxes, any last minute refills of drinks or water!.!.!.dessert!.!.!.!.stack as many dishes you can without feeling clumsy!.!.!.then just go back to get the rest!.

when completley done, give them their check and thank them!.

as far as memorizing the menu, i doubt any waitriess has the menu FULLY memorized!.!.!.to know the "most popular" items would be a good thing!.!.then of course soup of day!.!.but other then that its all just like serving family in a way!. just ask what they want and get it!.

good luck and most inportanly remeber!.!.BREATH!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Why don't you go for a different job instead!?

Failing that, try applying at cafe's or pubs, the menu is smaller!. I also recommend sitting down with the chef or another waitress and going through the menu before you start to find out what questions are asked about it and what the answers are - make some notes!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

To be good at waiting you need a really cool head and to be able to think fast and calmly!.!.!.you don;t seem to have that!. It is a very stressful job and I know what you mean about feeling that you are letting people down!.!.!.silly but I used to feel it too! Just look into another job!.!.!.!.the stress is too much!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Ask for help from the more experienced servers!. Before work after work whatever!. You need to study the menu and wines like you would a test!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

there are few people here that make some good points!.!.and i agree with lilly too, just relax and breath!. its much better for one to be a bit slower in some cases then to be fast and a screw up!. also, as far as the plates getting hot or heavy, use a towel to protect your arm or a tray!.!.or even ask for help!. there is NO shame in that!. i too have been into places where the busboys or whoever helped the waitress bring trays to the table with the food!. learning the menue comes in time,but know and learn key items, what the restaurnt is noted for, etc!. wine, most people will just ask for what they want, you dont need to know how to pronouce them, hell say them the best you can and if you flub it a little laugh a little with the customer and just say, guess i woudnt be able to order tht one huh!? or something!. make light of it!. always remember,, they are just people like you!. they too work for a living, they are there taking a break!. they to probably would make a few mistakes!. tell them too, im kinda new here please bear with me, but i will do my very best to serve you!.

as far as your last comment about refills and wanting to pay!. it never hurts to ask one final time if they wish for anything else before the bill!. this way they wont feel they are being shoved out the door !.!.!. you know like, here you ate heres your damn bill now get the hell out!.

sooo once you know they are finished, dishes are cleared, any leftovers are boxed an ready!. ( i find many like to box their own now a days, i do!.!.!.so you can ask them, would you like me to box your take home or would you rather!? ) annyway once that is all done!. say you are taking last requests for drinks or dessart anyone up for some!? if they so no, say ok, thank you!.!.hand them their bill and go about your business!.

Good Luck to you!.!.!.oh and like lilly and someone else said!.!.!.remember to breath!

--jantas you are a sadly rude person---Www@FoodAQ@Com

First of all, breathe!

Calm down, mate! Wow! Okay, I know that being a waitress can be a stressful job but when it boils down to it, you're serving food to people!. That's what I always say when things get too much, in the end we're just serving food and that's not rocket science or something to get so stressed over!.

Learn your menu, study it as much as you can!. You'll also find that the plates become lighter as your muscles become more developed!. Remember, these people are human and won't kill you for giving them the wrong mustard! The only thing you need to be careful of is allergies but you can always ask the chef!. In fact, even if you know the answer, double check with the chef!.

Relax, mate! Give yourself time and if you still find it stressful after a few weeks, maybe this just isn't your thing!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Hold up missey!! ur gettin way too worried i work as a supervisor in a bar/restuarant u've got nothing to worry about so first things first customer comes in you take them to there seat!. ask to take there jackets if they have one then hand them the menu, while handing them the menu u ask can i get you a drink!? then write it down on your pad they should provide you with!. go and do drinks or give it to the bar maid then take there drinks back you give them about 5-10 mins then go back to take there order!.

then its all done you just wait for there food if the plates are too hot then you use a cloth which again they should provide you with when handing them there food look at there glasses to see if there nearly finished on there drinks and just ask politley can i get another drink!?

you wait about 3-4mins go back and say is everything ok for you!? then leave them to it!. once it looks like evryone has finished eating go back to the table and say is everyone finished here!? then take the pleates away you can take as many plates as poss but dont struggle if you can only manage one plate at a time then so be it the customer would rather your profesional than clumbsy lol!! once theyve finished there mains wait bout 5mins then go back with the dessert menu and ask them if they would like to have a look!. again leave for a further few mins and go back and take the order!. and remember everytime someones glass looks low ask would you like a refill!. never ask the customer do u want the bill u wait for them to ask!. its normally after they've had deserts and coffees!. they will say bill please!! dont worry about it waitressing is supposed to be fun and remeber if the customer see's you happy then that will make them happy!! (BIGGER TIP LOL)

One last thing dont be a pest with the customer dont be there all the time just when needed you will pick it up! and you will get trained of how they want you to be!. but wat ive told you is how i like my staff to be!! good luck Emma x x

Oh and if the plate is too heavy then take one at a time simple!!
dont worry about learing the wine menu right away u will pick it up as u go along people will normally order the same wines! and they will have numbers on the wine list!! thats a little cheat!! lol!!

x x xWww@FoodAQ@Com

This sounds like it should be in the business section and you sound like your in the wrong profession!. Get another job!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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