Sweet 16 party on a budget, HELP?! ASAP!!?!

Question: Sweet 16 party on a budget, HELP!?! ASAP!!!?
Hi, I'm turning 16 April 3rd and I want to have a big party! I have a budget of about $500 or so, less if better! I live in the Lexington, KY area so if you know of a good place to have it!. I want to have around 30-40 people maybe more so it need to be big but cheap, I would like to have a lot of stuff going on, Maybe Hollywood theme or like Masquerade, anything you can get dressy at! Can anyone help me create my dream sweet 16!? Leave your email or contact me at my e-mail to help me out! Thank You sooo much!. Ask me if you need more details and I will add some! Don't Leave rude comments or stupid ones! Ten POINTS will be given to best answer!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Try to find a place that will let you bring in your own food!. Then you can go some place like Sam's or Walmart and buy your own food in bulk and prepare it yourself!. Does your neighborhood association have a club house!? They usually have kitchen facilities and may discount your for being a community member!.

Go to the Dollar Tree or Party Store in Fayette Place shopping center for cheap plates, cups, utensils (Dollar Tree) and decorations (the Party Store)!. They have colors and decorations that would fit your two themes!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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