s.o.s to all yahooers! help!!! chinese new year party for 30 teenagers!?!

Question: S.o.s to all yahooers! help!!! chinese new year party for 30 teenagers!?
to all yahooers this is an s.o.s. from a desperate mum! my daughter is 14 on chinese new year and as she was very ill for her birthdays the past two years i promised her whatever she wanted to do on her birthday this year she could do. shes just told me she wants it at home but wants 30 of her friends and wants a chinese themed party. help!!! i cant afford to treat them all to a chinese from the takeaway. but thought i could do some kind of chinese buffet? can anyone advise on food, entertainment, decorations e.t.c. any web links would be good? any help at all reallyappreciated.
many thanks xxx


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It will be the Year of the Rabbit...so finding rabbit things should be easy! Also, since color red is lucky Chinese color and with Valentines Day coming up...finding red things will be easy! Use lots of colorful golds and reds...hang Chinese paper lanterns-can even make your own or find decorations at Oriental Trading company and online, party supply stores.

Can you make egg rolls? (They sell the wraps in the produce dept..or just ask)...
Terriyaki chicken on skewers?>>>serve rice as a side
Sweet and sour meatballs?--kraftfoods.com has a recipe
Ramen noodle coleslaw salad? also called Asian coleslaw...recipes online...lots of them!
Fortune cookies!

EDITING AGAIN: to add there are recipes for using won ton wrappers to make sausage/cheesy appetizers (bake in mini muffin pans)...allrecipes.com and some other sites, depending on what you want to fill them with.

....and you can still serve pizza slices if you want...after all, they're kids! And the partyware will be red, so any food would go that they'll eat ;).

Games>>Get red and gold balloons...but make up a fortune for each of them and insert into each balloon.(Have 1 for each guest)...then put 2 chairs far across the room. Have 2 teams line up>>first person on "go" has to grab a balloon, rush to chair, sit on it to pop balloon and yell out the "fortune" and then race back to tag next member.....first team done wins. (PRIZE>>pass out lucky gold color foil chocolate coin candy).

Make souvenir rabbit ornaments...bake and paint guests' names on each...thread a red ribbon through the hole...http://www.teaching-tiny-tots.com/toddle…

Make a rabbit cake? Different ones to do, don't know how fancy you want to get...there's one on familyfun.com

going along with the Rabbit Theme...make gifts for the kids using orange jelly beans and cake decorating plastic bags, green tissue paper and green pipe cleaners--they will come out to look like big "carrots">>>>>
EDITING..to show link better:

I love going to Chinese Dim Sum. In the restaurants, the servers push around these "carts" and each one has different Chinese appetizers. I put a link here for some photos and recipes:


I would make a lot of different ones and do a buffet of Dim Sum. I know our stores here in Los Angeles have the pre-made wonton skins and you can do a lot with those for appetizers. And make some Chinese BBQ spareribs. They make things with shrimp.

And there's a website for inexpensive things and decorations: www.orientaltrading.com. You can probably find some decorations for a Chinese New Year themed party at that site.

And, Chinese New Year - everything is red. Red is for good luck. So if you decorate in red and gold, it should look very Chinese New Year.

Entertainment - anyone you know have a Karaoke machine? Or the full set up of the Guitar Hero with all the musical instruments? Or, you could always do a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood. Or a showing in your livingroom of a Jackie Chan movie - just another thought keeping with the theme.

Good luck - sounds really fun!

Great idea for a party!! And your a very sweet mum for thinking so much about it lol!! i would suggest decorating the house with chinese lanterns and getting loads of chinese nibbles like spring rolls, dumplings, prawn crackers and don't forget fortune cookies!! they would be great fun!! maybe a take away is a good idea because then everyone gets everything that they want...if you live in a place where its unlikley to rain why don't you do fireworks too? ooh even i'm excited and i'm not going hahaha hope these ideas helped a bit, and hope your daughter has a wonderful party! Just keep her locked up for a week before hand so she dosen't catch the flu or something! ;) xxxx

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