Good 2011 Prom Theme Idea? Answer ASAP please?!

Question: Good 2011 Prom Theme Idea? Answer ASAP please?
Candyland. that's our theme..I need your help.

1-do you think this is a cool idea? we're planning on doing it like the game board.
2- what kind of "gifts" do you think we could give out or that would go with the theme?

answer ASAP if you can. i need to get all this done. thanks :]


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I'm not liking the candyland theme...too childish and "cutesy">>>make it more adult: everyone will be all dressed up. Use themes like a Grecian theme (columns, rich blues and golds)...or go with a famous song about "time" and "memories" (not necessarily a new song either). It's a time to reflect on all the years you've had together and are now leaving behind and celebrating them. You want this prom to appeal to the young men, candyland theme is too babyish. Look up (google) song titles for senior proms and see what you get...or best prom songs, etc.

Here's a list of prom party themes...

I think since a prom is supposed to be a formal event, if you did it in the right way (elegant, instead of cutesy) It would be ok. But you may want to pick a more elegant theme. Like casino night, or red carpet or something.

Red carpet could be cute. You could have the area leading up to the pics place have a long red carpet, and a back drop, and the court's dias could be all red. idk, just a thought.

my prom did "a night to remember" which was all just black and white and had decorations and pictures of all the year events that went on.. it was beautiful and emotional.

They also did a night with the stars.... it was all star themed. It was nice

You could give them the candy that's on the game board. Like lollipops, candy canes etc. I, honestly don't think it's a "cool" idea because it would most likely be in like all pink and stuff.

Absolutely not... it sounds lame,16-18 year olds might find the theme too Katy Perry cliche, mixed with a ten year old game from their childhood, not a prom atmosphere....

Senior in high school...

Winter Wonderland, Candy Land, Broadway,Paris.

you could try maybe big pieces of candy based on the characters
or maybe the actual game board as gifts

heaven on earth....and at my prom, we had key chains, and coffee mugs with the whole graduating class on one side, and our names in big letters on the other side.

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