Good idea for a birthday party?!

Question: Good idea for a birthday party?
This is Lia's little sister, Sammie. I'm turning 14 and need a good party idea. I want something that won't cost a million dollars but I can still invite a lot of friends. I had a house party last year and the year before that I saw 17 again went to a restaurant and my friends slept over my house.
What is a cool party idea?

What birthday party did you have when you were 14?


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Buy one of those murder mystery dinner sets. They were great at my friend's party, and I'm sure they'll be great at yours. If that's not an option, but you still like the murder idea, do a Cluedo party - I did that for my 14th. Assign colours, go out to dinner, come back to your place, and play Cluedo. It's fun! ^_^

Yeah, that sounds like it was a great party. I can't recall what I did for my 14th birthday, (even though it was only 2 years ago) but I usually do things like that. I have friends over and we play games, go places, watch movies, eat junk food, etc. My parties are basically just a big hang out session, but they're fun!!!

camping party :D

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