what would you doooo for a klondike bar?!

Question: What would you doooo for a klondike bar?

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Go to the fridge.


I would go sledding in a blizzard in the nude on the high way eating a klondike bar : ) ..screaming this is what I would do for a klondike bar....LMAO

I love your question..and I heart klondike bars

Place it between your legs! feels soooooogood when it starts melting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever it takes. +_+

weeeellll you know ;)

Nothing... They are gross, imo...:)

Sing and dance !

buy one.

nothing. just c if one falls out of the sky into my hands

nothin they really dont taste that good

steal it from you... duh

i would slap my mama

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