Does everyone need a chair at a party?!

Question: Does everyone need a chair at a party?
Im having my sons first birthday at the community room at my apartment building. I want to make the guest list smaller but I feel like I just can't cut it anymore because they are all close friends with kids. I know this might sound crazy but does every person need a seat to sit in? Or can people stand? It's mostly people in their late 20s with kids. Weather permitting there is a playground that people can go outside to play at so people may only be inside for cake and food.


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Just remember, some people might not even show up. No for an informal children's party a chair for everyone is not a necessity. Have fun, different cultures celebrate differently in my culture the child's first birthday is a big one!


Some people actually prefer to stand and if there aren't enough seats and everyone would like to sit down hav all the kids sit on the ground and adults sit on the chairs

Kids don't always like sitting on chairs they prefer the ground... Adults around 20-32 sometimes like to stand. Hope tht helped

I'd say make sure that all the parents can sit, the kids will most likely be playing. If there is some sort of sit down eating thing, I would say you should have extra chairs for people to sit down and eat.

Only if they are all eating at a table. Kids are messy... but fun. The floor works if it's not shabby looking, People might hesitate to sit on it if it is.

You could just get chairs for the adults and have the kids sit on the floor or their laps.

Yea, that sounds like a party, everyone just sitting around.

I think birthday parties for kids too young to remember them are stupid.
Save your money.



Fundraiser or Party: The first thing to decide is whether or not your Royal Tea will be free or if you will charge for attending. If you decide to charge you will want to decide how much to charge, and if adults as well as children will need to pay. You will also want to decide whether you are inviting just certain people or if the tea will be open to the public. You will need to set the number of guests that may attend so as not to overcrowd your tea area.

Location: You will need to find a good location for your tea to be held at. (Suggestions: a church, club, rented party room, or maybe a personal home that has a big room sectioned off the rest of the house.) Remember to add setup and take down times as well as actual party time when you look for a location for your tea. Most rooms you rent will charge for the full time you are there. Another important thing to consider is do you have access for people in wheel chairs. You will have to have a table where they can roll the wheelchair or other equipment to.

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