What type of food should be at at teen cafe?!

Question: What type of food should be at at teen cafe?
Working on school project for a teen activity CENTRE.


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Yogurt,smoothies,salads,cappuccinos,coff… waters.

Salad, fruit, mozzarella sticks, pizza, cappuccino, coffee, smoothies, sandwiches, wings, etc. Cater to many different groups: the hipsters, weight conscious, and always-hungry.

Why don't you play around with new ideas like foods from different cultures.
You should have like a candy counter with a contrasting fruit bar!
A live DJ would draw teens to the cafe that would be hot. .

Good luck

grilled cheese
hot dogs/chili dogs
french fries
chicken sandwich
chicken Caesar salad
soft pretzels
chips and salsa

Make Your Own: Pizza, Tacos, Burritos, Chef Salads

Also sushi, popcorn, fresh fruit


Everyone loves cookies XD

Junk food should be at teen cafe.



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