What to buy food wise for an 8year olds party ?!

Question: What to buy food wise for an 8year olds party ?
Hi guys I need a quick basic but decent list of some food that would be enjoyable for an 8 year olds birthday party!!


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Flavored chips like Cheetos, Dorritos, Funyuns.
Punch or soda.

Why not ask the 8 year old? They are old enough to have definite ideas about what they like at that age.

Otherwise, a (not so healthy) selection of things my grandchildren like:

hot dogs/burgers
little smoked sausages in bbq sauce

Big sugar cookies (make ahead) that they can decorate themselves with a variety of icings/sprinkles, etc. Gives them something to do at the party AND they can eat the results!

Try serving the 8 year olds' favorite foods. It's his/her party! I always let my kids chose what they want for their birthday! It was always taco, nachos, pizza. One year my son wanted lasagna. Now that they're older, it's steak, burgers, BBQ.

lots of finger food
-pigs in a blanket
-carrot sticks
-cut up apples

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