16 birthday get together ideas?!

Question: 16 birthday get together ideas?
So i'm turning 16 soon yay! I wanted to have about 14 of my closest friends dress up and go out to dinner then come back to my house and sleepover. My mom doesn't really like birthday parties at my age so Im on a VERY tight budget. Does anyone have any CHEAP but fun ideas that we could come back to my house and do or something?


go to a place like pizza express or research on web your nearest places
and they are cheap. when you get back to ur house
sing karaoke eat your cake and a sleepover. Play dare and truth.. have balloons and your favourite colours in your house and it will be fun . hope it helps

Go to a waffle house those are always fun

go to an ice cream shop those are cheap usually

Go tee pee all ur neighbors n their cars

^^^ Ha i agree with the person above mee!!((:

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