What to do for girls 14th birthday,?!

Question: What to do for girls 14th birthday,?
I'll invite either 4, 8, or 12 people

4 would be best friends
8 would be best friends & that're close & I talk to alot
12 would be all those, plus people that're like acquaintances

what should I do?


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Last year, my friends and I had a scavenger hunt at the mall! Trust me it sounds corny but is SUPER fun! You just need to make riddles for each team. In the riddle, explain to the team that they need to get a bag from the store in the riddle. For instance "This store has fake hearts and joyful kids" the store would be build a bear of course. Then give each team a camera and tell them to find for example, a sales person named "Mike" or a jumbo straw. The possibilities are endless! And at the end you can go the Ms. Fields to get a cookie cake to celebrate. When I did this, I had a BLAST! <3333 Good Luck and have lots of fun!

<3 Noodlz (:

i usually invite just best friends, but im not much of a big party person... i like the 8 people option though, so it's not all awkward with the acquaintances.
alien, disco, pj, or zombie. watch a funny movie in your basement, decorate cupcakes, make your own tacos/ pasta, and if you have a fire pit, use it! oh, and if you choose one of the above themes, definitely have a costume contest!
have fun :)

Maybe you should invite:
1. Your true BFFs
2. friends that could be your BFFs
3. 1 girl that you feel bad for and who doesn't have friends
4. people who have invited you places...
Maybe you can go ice skating, roller blading, sleepover party


Invite any amount of people she wants :D
Id go to a restaurant with them and then sleep over thing with yummy food :D

Ask her what she wants :D

get the game apples to apples

look at my answer on the question that said what should i do for my 13th party

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