why do all kids love chocolate and not all adults do?!

Question: Why do all kids love chocolate and not all adults do?
weird..... is there a certain point in age when you just suddenly dont have a sweet tooth anymore? I DONT WANNA GET TO THAT AGE!!!!!!!


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It's true that not all adults love chocolate, but "all kids love chocolate" is a stereotype. Maybe there is a point where someone does not like sweets as much as they used to.

I'm the opposite... I'm really not all that keen on chocolate, I don't really like it but sometimes I have cravings for it. When I was little I didn't eat it very much at all; I would have an advent calendar every year and a few bags of chocolate buttons in a whole year and that was it. Now I have cravings for it sometimes, normally when I feel upset, so I don't really think there's a certain point when you suddenly don't like it, it just depends on you.

I remember when I was in middle and elementary school I loved sweets especially candy bars but now I can care less and i'm 20. My mom on the other hand loves chocolate everything and I don't remember her liking it 10 years ago. I think it all depends on the person.


Not all kids love chocolate. My oldest daughter really didn't like chocolate at all when she was a kid. As a teenager she started to like it more (probably hormonal), but still doesn't like anything with chocolate chips and that is too "chocolaty"

Sometimes it's that girls get on there period and it gives them headaches and they don't have it anymore! 

well yahoo, adults mature, and don't wanna, eat sugar everyday!

Everybody's different. With me its the other way around sometimes.

Cause it's too sweet..? =O

who doesn't like chocolate? i think as we grow older our taste buds change

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