I have a 16 year old having a house party if the guests bring alcohol am I liable?!

Question: I have a 16 year old having a house party if the guests bring alcohol am I liable?

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Unfortunately, yes. You may want to vacate the property but make sure that the kids attending the party stay there, no driving. So have a firm and fast rule, keys are dropped off and set up blankets and pillows for those attending. Talk to the other parents beforehand and get their viewpoints. Talk to the neighbors and let them know that there will be a party so they don't call the police.

if you are the owner or renter of the house, you can be charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors

Yes you are. It is your house you should not allow any under 21 to drink alcohol. If the kids don't like it - TELL THEM TO LEAVE.


Uh YES YES and YES! Even if you do not know they have it, YOU ARE LIABLE.

Yes, yes, and YES!!!

Umm,that would be a big fat YES.




Ah, Yup!

of course. im assuming that this question was a joke of some sorts

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