is 2 weeks enough to plan for my daughter 15th birthday party?!

Question: Is 2 weeks enough to plan for my daughter 15th birthday party?
we are hispanic so quinceanera's are common (like sweet 16) but because of the cost i am not going to have a formal quinceanera. so just a party at home. my mother says it should be special because she will be 15 i was just going to have a regular party at a park but now i have an idea of a more decorated party at my house and hopefully have my guest arrive in more formal clothes(think cocktail party without cocktails, of course)

will 2 weeks be enough time?

here is an idea of what i want to do...
-i live in a small house so i want to rearrange to open up space ( can be done in a day or less)
-i want to put shiny paper or cloth on a couple walls and a ceiling of a back room (also very very small)
-also put up balloons and streamers, maybe shimmery (if my daughter would like)
-and have music and room to dance in the back room
-i would like to stream lights(white christmas lights) through out my house as well
- i want to clean out my backyard, it is empty but needs cleaning up, there is no grass just dirt, i would liketo do some lights through out too and a fire pit in case some people want to hang out in the back yard
-invitations would say dress to impress or something of that nature

i have a really good idea of how i want it to look

i would like to add that she goes to school across town and the area i live in, to these kids, would be considered ghetto and that is why i was going to have it at a park.
but i think if i create a super cool ambiance it wouldn't matter


also any fun game ideas for 15 year old kids
any ideas in making my back yard look decent

again is 2 weeks enough for this?


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yes you can! The lights make the whole thing, plenty of balloons and streamers etc. Her real friends wont judge her just because she lives where she does. If you are welcoming and provide a nice party then she should enjoy her night. Try find her favourite albums though and have them ready to play, you can download them from itunes and make copy cd's to play. Make some punch from a recipe, you can find lots of how to do god alcohol free cocktails on youtube even ideas for a quinnceanera are on there.
Food should be simple bite size and paper plates easy for 15 yr olds but you can also do fancy stuff and matching table cloths and serviettes etc. Games: you could get a lend of an x-box with the dance game on it so they can have a dance party in one room great fun, also. a microphone and karaoke machine? Mostly kids just like to hang with each other in between dancing so it sounds like your plan is already perfect!

I would say you could pull it off...the important thing is that guests have enough time to prepare (get a new outfit if that's their choice or have the cash to buy your daughter a nice having time to plan is essential)...but you don't want invite sooo far away, they forget about it. Why not have it a Masquerade thing where guests are required to wear a mask (store bought or homemade)? can create the ambiance at the home..pushing furniture aside, hanging lights and decorations..., having great food and giving guests a thank-you gift. Pick a color theme for the party...
Here's a link that may be helpful to you about the party:…

For back pit is good...get as many folding and lawn chairs to have for the guests..can improvise with setting out little "tables" to set drinks on... If ground is really bad shape for the nice shoes they'll be wearing with those nice outfits....lay out a tarp on the ground. Is it warm enough to put out potted plants (tall ones?) with small ones grouped beneath?...kind of a garden effect. Possible to string lights outdoors? Having some marshmallows to toast on sticks, whatever, would be fun to pass the time while they're hanging out.

Here's some game ideas: have pictures of your daughter at different ages all jumbled up on a poster board....number them randomly>>>give guests piece of paper and pencil and they are to guess the age of each numbered picture...the one who has the most right wins.

A FUN CANDY BAR GAME--Objective: Each person tries to get as many candy bars as they can.


2 Candy bars for each player or couple PLUS A FEW MORE
1 brown lunch sack for each player or couple
Timer, Wood die
Bowl, Good Attitude

Timer: Set timer in another room, so no one can watch to see how much time is left. A stop timer is perfect. Most families play for about a half-hour. After playing a few times, you will know how much time needs to be adjusted. It’s fun to vary the time from each game to keep them off guard.

Preparation: If using this game for a party, assign each person to bring two candy bars. Take the candy when they arrive. One person (mother, father, or party leader) places two candy bars in a brown sack. Fold down the top of each sack the same. If there are extra bars, place them in a bowl. Place a mark, (x) on the bottom of one of the bags.

Starting the game:

1. Have everyone gather in a circle.

2. Place bowl inside the circle.

3. Each person or couple picks a sack out of the center.

4. Explain that each sack contains two candy bars and no one is to look until directed to do so.

5. Each person looks into their own sack but does not tell what kind of bars they have.

6. Everyone closes their bag. Players may look inside any sack that is their own during the game.

7. Who goes first? The player with the mark on the bottom of their sack. That player rolls first then follows to the left.

Roll Die: A player has to follow what has been rolled.

If you roll a 1. Take the Bowl: If rolled the player takes all the bars.

If you roll a 2. Trade sacks: Player picks another player to trade sacks with. Remember: You want the most candy

If you roll a 3. Lose a turn: Lose next turn.

If you roll a 4. Add Bar to Bowl: The player takes a bar from his sack and adds to the bowl. Don’t let people know your sack is empty. This might help out when trading. If you receive an empty sack don’t say anything. Just hope you can pass is off

If you roll a 5. Double take: A player who rolls this takes one bar from the players on his left and right. If the player is out of bars, you’re out of luck.

If you roll a 6. Guess a Bar: Players need to watch bars and sacks as they are exchanged.
When rolled a player says a person name and tries to guess the candy bar in their sack. The players only need to answer with a yes or no. If the player asked has the bar, he must give it to the roller.

Ending the Game: When the timer goes off everyone keeps the sack that they end up with. If a player has rolled the die when the timer goes off, that player may complete his turn. At this time any bars left in the bowl must be rolled for.

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