My 13 year old is having a party, any one have idea's for party games or what they can do?!

Question: My 13 year old is having a party, any one have idea's for party games or what they can do?
Shes having around 25-45 kids come over. Any idea what games they can play or just ideas of what to do while they are over? Thanks


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a good party for a thirteen party is guys and girls(;

black ops, good music (chosen by ur daughter), a bottle for spin the bottle(; truth or dare, NO PARENTS creeping around, and lots of food and a good stereo

Kareoke, any Wii/PS3/Xbox group games, find the £5 (wrap it in envelope hide n get em to find it with few other cool prizes hiden) beauty sessions if girls, bobbing but not for apples for balloons filled with money (coins) or small gifts. sorry out ideas, hope all goes well x

stock up on drink

Karaoke. Dance teams and music videos. Is your house big enough? Make sure you have lots of help on hand when the kids who weren't invited show up to trash the house - happens all the time.

Have a dance instructor come over and give lessons on the latest moves!!! Hip hop or whatever.

Theater Sports like charades is a neat thing to do - you can have some one lead them in this type of thing. They have to act out scenes from life from their imaginations, i.e pregnant woman giving birth on bus full of zombies, etc.

Dress up party - movie themes - rent some costumes - tell them in the invite that it is costume party and they have to come in themes - western, barbie, werewolves and vampires, silly creatures, dragons or unicorns, etc.

Save the planet party: bring in a local gardener/environmental person who has a good rapport with teens and discuss what they can do to save the planet with art work, music, recycling, etc. then you have them help make lunch using banana leaves or bamboo for plates, ice cream cones for the fruit salad, etc. Kids are concerned about the future so it might be a good day full of hope... serve food that reflects it by buying organic, local and healthy party treats.

Have a Peace on Earth Party: Have the guests bring something for the food bank or to send to homeless people in Haiti or other place devastated by storms, earthquakes or war. IN our community the grandmas knit hats all year and send them in shoeboxes with treats, toothbrushes, and bandaids, pencils and paper to kids in Afghanistan. I bought $1,000 worth of goats, chickens, trees, midwifery training and a latrine in Nigeria for my gifts last Christmas instead of the usual stuff and everyone on my xmas gift list appreciated the thought and gesture. Good luck.


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