Where can I find coupons for things by city for local deals?!

Question: Where can I find coupons for things by city for local deals?
I remember seeing on that tv show where there is a place to get coupon deals by each city for local deals on restaurants and movies, ect. Are they clip able?


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sunday newspaper

What is recently in the news is the company Groupon, they are securing an ad spot for the Super Bowl pre-game. They tried to get a game time spot but was sold out. Not sure if that is the one you seen, but thought I'd throw it out there. The Groupon sites get deals from your area or you can search other by zipcode. I think they may do daily deals as well. I also read that they were offered 6 Billion from Google to buy them out but declined! I included a link below if you want to see what they are about.

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http://bit.ly/groupon-coupons - a pretty neat site actually.

yup groupon.com

It's called MobiDeals.com and yes u can print them off.

you may want to check http://www.freecoupongift.com/ it has bunch of online coupons and guides how to use it

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