Birthdayy Partyy Ideas? I'll be 14!?!

Question: Birthdayy Partyy Ideas? I'll be 14!?
Well my birthday is in March, but I like to plan early! I have a reputation for having ah-mazing parties!

For my 11th, I rented a limo, we just drove around and had spaghetti at my house.
For my 12th and 13th, I had a slumber party in a hotel!

I think maybe a dinner party with steaks. I would invite like 10ish people. And we have enough steak knifes and we could always buy more! We could have mashed potatoes and salad, idk!

We could rent a pink hummer limo and eat dinner at a pizza place and go to Sweet Cece's (frozen yogurt). Or maybe skip out on the limo..

Any other ideas?

I plan on inviting 10-15 people. Probably just girls, but MAYBE some guys. I know they wouldn't wanna ride in a pink limo, but maybe they could meet us, if we went with that idea...


sounds like you have it all sorted out have a great time and Happy Birthday

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